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Ancient Curse > Thirsty Fields
Ancient Curse - Thirsty Fields

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Thirsty Fields

Ancient Curse

Release date:
Catalog ID:
WMMS 107
Music Is Intelligence
None yet
1. Thirsty Fields 00:57  
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2. Fateful Promises 07:47  
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3. Chosen Injury 05:01  
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4. The Prison 07:04  
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5. Lessions in Finity 05:35  
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6. Harmful Remains 04:03  
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7. Return of the Summer 08:27  
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8. Dictator 05:14  
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9. Branded 08:29  
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Band members
Peter Pietrzinski Vocals, Guitars
Gunnar Erxleben Guitars
Thorsten Penz Bass
Matthias Schröder Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Stefan Berenthal Producer
Finn Halle Producer
Christian Köhler Producer
Matthias Schröder Artwork
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This release has both songs of the self-released EP, same title, and 26:24 of new tracks. The cover art was also changed.


Barcode: 4015905991076

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