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Still Alive (...and Still Too Drunk)


Live album
Release date:
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American Line Productions
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1. The Entity in the Room 02:18   Show lyrics
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2. Stay Out of the Line 04:59  
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3. Never Ending War 00:49   Show lyrics
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4. Money for God 02:03  
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5. Supreme Creation 01:27  
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6. Pedigree 02:28  
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7. Canonized 01:34  
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8. The Other Side of Stupidity 01:30  
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9. Beyong Good and Evil 02:19  
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10. 500 Years of Infamy 01:53  
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11. Gone with the Flames 04:08  
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12. Intolerance and Fanatism 01:51  
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13. Sodomy and Lust (Sodom cover) 04:47   Show lyrics
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14. Going to Angka Loeu 02:57  
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15. Face of a Lier 00:25  
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16. The Truth... / Factory of Lies 04:06  
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Miguel "Thrasher" Cortés Guitars, Bass on studio tracks
Pancho Vocals
Ciro Gutierrez Bass
Luis Drums
Fer Drums on studio tracks
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1-13 are live tracks
14-16 are studio tracks

Recording information:

Tracks 1 to 13 recorded Live at Alicia, México City, March 20th, 1999.
Tracks 14 to 16 recorded at Alternative Home Studio, México City, June 13 and 14, 2000.

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