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Annihilation Complete: The Early Years Anthology

Screams and Whispers


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1. Sound the Alarm 05:40   Show lyrics
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2. Sense of Will 04:52   Show lyrics
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3. Too Many Prophets 05:28   Show lyrics
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4. Release 04:19   Show lyrics
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5. Division 04:38   instrumental
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6. Tool of Separation 06:12   Show lyrics
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7. Grateful 05:14   Show lyrics
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8. A Screaming Breath 04:19   Show lyrics
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9. My Soul's Affliction 04:30   Show lyrics
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10. Driven 05:52   Show lyrics
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11. Brotherhood? 06:51   Show lyrics
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12. Release (version 2) 04:19   Show lyrics
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13. Release (version 3) 04:19   Show lyrics
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Kenn Nardi Guitars, Vocals, Programming
Kevin Heidbreder Guitars
John Emery Bass
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Recorded in 1992. Was made downloadable on the band's website in 2006. It's unclear whether or not this was officially released on cassette around the time of recording.

Although many of these songs were written either with Chad Smith or during the time he was still in the band, all of these recordings were done using a cheap drum machine.

Recording information:

Recorded on 4-track and 8-track at various times throughout 1992.

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