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Alocer > The Victory of the Darkness Riders
Alocer - The Victory of the Darkness Riders
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The Victory of the Darkness Riders


Release date:
December 2019
Catalog ID:
Obskure Chaos Distro
None yet
1. The Blood's Rain from a New Age  
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2. Alocer Empire  
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3. The Voice from Hell  
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4. Battle of the Unholy Warriors  
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5. Triumph of Evil  
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6. The Forest of Ritual  
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7. Soul of Silence (Live)  
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8. Victory of Darkness  
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Shemramforash Guitars, Bass (track 6)
Maniac 666 Bass (tracks 1-2, 7)
L. Scarlet Vocals (tracks 1-2, 7)
Necroblast Drums (tracks 1-2, 7)
Morrigan Keyboards (tracks 3-5, 8)
Lucifery Drums (tracks 3-5)
Shaitan Vocals, Bass (tracks 3-5)
Hellbutcher Drums (track 6)
Zasvanna Vocals (track 6)
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