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All the Cold > One Year of Cold
All the Cold - One Year of Cold
All the Cold discography (misc)
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All the Cold discography (all)
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Deep Cold 2

One Year of Cold

All the Cold

Release date:
April 24th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Kunst 003
Version desc.:
Limited edition
1000 copies
None yet
1. Last Winter 08:36   instrumental
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2. Through the Dead World 07:33   Show lyrics
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3. Coldly to Heart 04:48   Show lyrics
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4. New Day Without Me 16:41   Show lyrics
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5. Message of Silence Space 11:25   instrumental
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6. Last Sun Before Polar Night 04:42   instrumental
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7. 1941-1944. Kola North. War. 03:10   instrumental
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8. Nurman (Hymn of Cold Northern Town) 07:24   instrumental
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9. Kingdom of Snow 04:03  
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Miscellaneous staff
Nordsjel Mixing
Winter Mixing
Nordsjel Mixing
Winter Mixing
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Released as jewelcase (950 copies) and special plastic box with poster (50 copies); 1000 total.

All The Cold are:
Winter & Nordsjel - all music and lyrics

Songs 1 and 2 taken from
Though The Dead World (demo'08)
Songs 3 and 4 taken from
Children of Failure (split'08)
Song 5 taken from Deep Cold (split'08)
Songs 6 and 7 taken from Zapolyarie (split'09)
Songs 8 and 9 are bonustracks

Recording information:

All songs were recorded and mixed on Nurman Records by All the Cold during 2007/08.

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