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Genunethical / Veneration of Biological Killing Machine

Alienation Mental / Genetic Threat

Release date:
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Snuff Records
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Side A
1. Genetic Threat - Overture  
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2. Genetic Threat - Motherkillers  
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3. Genetic Threat - One of a Millions  
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4. Genetic Threat - Looking for the Substance  
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5. Genetic Threat - The Black Hole  
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6. Genetic Threat - Promitive Form  
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Side B
7. Alienation Mental - The 01:18  
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8. Alienation Mental - Under Pressure 02:50   Show lyrics
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9. Alienation Mental - Industrial Poem of Next Millennium 02:21   Show lyrics
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10. Alienation Mental - Metal of Alien Nations 04:25  
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11. Alienation Mental - Abnormal Idea Get Off Myself 03:21   Show lyrics
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12. Alienation Mental - Autogrind 03:54   Show lyrics
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13. Alienation Mental - Corporeal Jigsore Quandary (Carcass) 03:42   Show lyrics
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14. Alienation Mental - Big God / Raped Souls (Fear Factory) 02:19  
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Alienation Mental
Pavel Sviták Guitars
Jarda Drums
Michal Rákosník Guitars
Milan Vocals
Genetic Threat
Standa Frkal Bass
Radim Dvořák Drums
Jan Čížek Vocals, Programming
Jan Svoboda Guitars
Leos Virgler Guitars
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Alienation Mental side first released by Khaaranus Productions in 1999 on a split CD with Malignant Tumour.

Recording information:

Genetic Threat: Recorded and Mixed at 25th - 27 th August 1997 in studio Hostivař.
Alienation Mental: Recorded and Mastered in Hostivař October 1999.

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