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Live Facelift

Alice in Chains

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SMV Enterprises
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1. Man in the Box   Show lyrics
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2. Real Thing   Show lyrics
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3. Love, Hate, Love   Show lyrics
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4. Sea of Sorrow   Show lyrics
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5. Bleed the Freak   Show lyrics
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6. We Die Young (Video)   Show lyrics
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7. Man in the Box (Video)   Show lyrics
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8. Sea of Sorrow (Video)   Show lyrics
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Layne Staley (R.I.P. 2002) Vocals
Jerry Cantrell Guitars, Vocals
Mike Starr (R.I.P. 2011) Bass
Sean Kinney Drums
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This video contains live footage of songs off of the album Facelift. It has been certified gold by the RIAA with access sales of 50,000 copies.

Like many Alice in Chains videotapes, "Live Facelift" is currently out of print and hard to find.

Recording information:

Filmed live on December 22nd, 1990 at The Moore Theatre in Seattle, Washington.


Barcode: 0 4474-49081-3

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