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Aion > Human Griefman
Aion - Human Griefman
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Human Griefman


Release date:
February 25th, 1990
Catalog ID:
Night Gallery
1 review (avg. 65%)
1. Think Ever After 03:36   Show lyrics
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2. Care Killed the Cat 03:49   Show lyrics
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3. Feel Miserable 02:02   Show lyrics
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4. Crazy Smile 03:18   Show lyrics
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5. Jack 01:57   Show lyrics
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6. Amnesia 03:42   Show lyrics
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7. Human Griefman 04:34   Show lyrics
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8. Peter 01:29   instrumental
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9. Grow More Serious (悪化) 03:52   Show lyrics
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10. Justice for Die 03:02   Show lyrics
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Tatsuya "Dean" Miwa Bass
Jun "S.A.B." Saburi (R.I.P. 2016) Drums
Nov Vocals, Lyrics
Izumi Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Read Same Album, Different Vocalist 65% OzzyApu June 8th, 2010

This is essentially the same album as Deathrash Bound; all of Hisayoshi's vocals have been replaced with Nov's vocals, the production is slightly different, and the lyrics and song titles are all changed (except for "Jack" and "Peter"). The track order is also a little different.

Name changes (left: Human Griefman, right: Deathrash Bound)

- "Think Ever After" = "H.A.R. (Human Affective Revelation)"
- "Care Killed the Cat" = "Captured in the Dreams"
- "Feel Miserable" = "Cradle Song (For a Son of a Bitch)"
- "Crazy Smile" = "Night of the Murder"
- "Amnesia" = "Pandemonium"
- "Human Griefman" = "Struggle to Breath"
- "Grow More Serious" = "Mistless of Evil"
- "Justice for Die" = "Torment in Fire"

The album was reissued on July 25th, 1991, as 'Human Griefman Remastering'. Cat. #: UKCR-1024

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