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Aion > Black Heart
Aion - Black Heart
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Black Heart


Release date:
October 13th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Deathrash Bound
None yet
1. Black Heart 04:27  
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2. Destructive Pleasure 04:13   Show lyrics
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3. Black Heart (No Vocal Version) 04:27   instrumental
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4. Destructive Pleasure (No Vocal Version) 04:13   instrumental
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Nov Vocals, Lyrics
Izumi Guitar
Tatsuya "Dean" Miwa Bass
Youth-K Drums
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Rerecorded songs from the Absolute album. Black Heart being Last Serenade, and Destructive Pleasure being Elegant Fear. Both songs have been slightly rearranged. Black Heart is missing the slow opening and has a slight change in the melody.

Destructive Pleasure has been mixed with a very old song from 1985 most popular under the name Zirconer. After the initial drum part and guitar intro from Elegant Fear, the main riff of Zirconer kicks in. In the chorus instead of "Elegant Fear" they shout "Buchi Korose" which also comes from Zirconer.

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