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Agony Lords > The Sun of the Cursed
Agony Lords - The Sun of the Cursed
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The Sun of the Cursed

Agony Lords

Release date:
Catalog ID:
CD OZ 002
Oz Productions
1 review (avg. 100%)
1. The Gift of Darkness 02:18   Show lyrics
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2. Dark's Knight Blood 04:39   Show lyrics
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3. The Shadow and the Silence 04:05   Show lyrics
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4. In Both Sides of Eternity 04:47   Show lyrics
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5. The Sun of the Cursed 03:54   Show lyrics
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6. Heartland 04:26   Show lyrics
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7. Fear Chaser 05:00   Show lyrics
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8. Sacrifice Me 06:23   Show lyrics
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9. Sounds of Inner Fire 04:10   Show lyrics
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10. In the Eyes of a Dead Dreamer 04:27   instrumental
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11. Fortress of Weakness 06:15   Show lyrics
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12. Outro 02:53   instrumental
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Óscar López Bass
Oscar Piñon Drums
Mauricio Barami Guitars (lead)
Jesús Bravo Vocals
Saúl Flores Guitars (rhythm)
Read Worthy of tributes 100% Nojoch Akab February 24th, 2012

Recording information:

Recorded at Oigo Studio, Jan. 1997, Guadalajara, Jalisco.

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