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Mince-Mongers in Barna


Release date:
Catalog ID:
UX 007
Uxicon Records
7" vinyl
None yet
Side A
1. No Use 01:22   Show lyrics
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2. Hatred Is the Cure 01:35   Show lyrics
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3. Go Fucking Nihilist 01:26   Show lyrics
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4. Lay Off Me 00:27   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. The Fog 01:09   Show lyrics
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6. Christianity Means Tyranny 00:51   Show lyrics
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7. Until It Bleeds 01:06   Show lyrics
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8. Trust? Not Me! 02:30   Show lyrics
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Jan Frederickx Vocals, Bass
Burt Beyens Drums
Steve A.G. Guitars, Vocals
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Issued in a blue or red sleeve.

Recording information:

Recorded in July, 1994 in the rehearsal room of the Spanish mincecore band Violent Headache.

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