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The Wooden Box


Boxed set
Release date:
July 7th, 2010
Catalog ID:
VHR 45-28
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Viva Hate Records
12" vinyl
500 copies
None yet
1. Pale Folklore 01:02:06   Show disc notes
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2. Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor 28:00   Show disc notes
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3. The Mantle 01:08:25   Show disc notes
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4. Ashes Against the Grain 59:49   Show disc notes
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Miscellaneous staff
John Haughm Design
Fursy Teyssier Artwork
John Haughm Design
Fursy Teyssier Artwork
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This release was licensed to Viva Hate by The End Records.

It contains, long time sold out albums, never before released vinyl editions and never before released live material.

- Agalloch “Ashes Against the Grain” 2xLP
- Agalloch “The Mantle” 2xLP
- Agalloch “Of Wind, Stone and Pillior EP and unreleased live material” LP (both never released on vinyl before)
- Agalloch “Pale Folklore” 2xLP

- A 54-page booklet with pictures, lyrics and info designed by John Haughm.
- A fully printed slipmat.
- A new alternate artwork based on the original artwork designed by Les Discrets (Fursy), all covers put together make up one large picture.
- A massive, handnumbered wooden box with burned Agalloch logo and details inside.

Vinyl delineation:
● 150 on dark red vinyl.
● 350 on black vinyl.

Bonus tracks on "Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor":
1. Hallways of Enchanted Ebony (Live)
2. Odal / Fragment III (Live)
3. Of Stone, Wind and Pillor (Live)

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