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Acrybia > Atria Mortis (Rigor Mortis 2) Soundtrack
Acrybia - Atria Mortis (Rigor Mortis 2) Soundtrack
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Godly Hatred

Atria Mortis (Rigor Mortis 2) Soundtrack


Release date:
October 11th, 2008
Catalog ID:
I.A. Studio
None yet
1. Smells like Pulse 03:08  
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2. Call of Hunger 01:58  
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3. Doom of the Dead 01:43  
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4. In Silence We Trust 01:33  
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5. Pato Theme 02:39  
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6. Hungry 01:44  
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7. Meet, Meat, Eat 01:51  
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8. There Is Skeleton in a Closet 05:26  
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9. Atria Mortis Main Theme (U R Dead) 02:52  
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10. Istnieję tu, pośród szaleńców 02:45  
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11. Godly Hatred 04:47   Show lyrics
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12. Arkham’s Supernatural Horror 14:23  
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Łukasz Radecki All instruments, Vocals
Paweł "Wałek" Radziszewski Vocals (additional)
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This is a soundtrack to the independent horror movie of Patryk Jurek - Atria
Mortis (Rigor Mortis 2). The music was awarded on Second Festival of Independent Films “Drzwi” in Gliwice. Soundtrack is strictlly limited.

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