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Acid Enema > Misanthropic Visions
Acid Enema - Misanthropic Visions

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Misanthropic Visions

Acid Enema

Release date:
December 15th, 2015
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Digipak, Limited edition, CD-R
100 copies
None yet
1. Hymn for the Godless 04:10  
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2. Eviscerating God 03:15  
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3. To Live Means Nothing 03:24  
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4. Holocaust Remixed 01:46  
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5. Hurt Me 2015 03:41  
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6. Misanthropic Visions 04:56  
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7. Bro Hymn (Pennywise cover) 04:06  
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8. Hymn of the Godless (Novokain remix) 03:36  
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9. Eviscerating God (Tragedies from Hell remix) 02:41  
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10. To Live Means Nothing (Black Death's You Must Die Remix) 03:30  
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11. Hymn for the Godless (Rustryu's Collection Plate of Dildos Mix) 04:02  
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12. Misanthropic Visions (Black Death & Prince ov Darkness' Kill Them All Remix) 04:56  
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13. Nothing Means to Live (Not Half) 03:35  
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14. Eviscerating God (STK's There is no God Remix) 03:28  
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15. Misanthropic Visions (Rioteer Remix) 04:49  
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16. To Live Means Nothing - Death in the Desert 04:20  
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Jazzy Fae Vocals (track 16)
Jazzy Fae Vocals (track 16)
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Hand-numbered copies.

Track 16 features the project Noth1001.

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