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Acid Death > Balance of Power
Acid Death - Balance of Power
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Balance of Power

Acid Death

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1. Psychosis (Intro) 02:35   instrumental
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2. Apathy Murders Hope 03:49   Show lyrics
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3. Civil War 04:01  
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4. Death from Above 03:17  
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5. Balance of Power 03:17  
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6. Twilight Spirits 04:26  
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7. State of Paranoia 02:17  
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Band members
Savvas Betinis Bass, Vocals
Dennis Kostopoulos Guitars
Kostas Tsombanos Drums
Themis Katsimichas Guitars
Miscellaneous staff
Coti K. Engineering
Coti K. Engineering
Read Balance of Power 90% deathrashergr March 21st, 2013

Available for free download on the band's official web site.

The band, after many line up changes became stable in the end of 1991 and in February 1992 having a deal with a small Greek independent label, Black Power Records, entered the studio to record its first official release, a mini LP titled 'Balance of Power'. Using total analogue methods and the 16-tracks that Praxis studios had that season, Acid Death recorded and mixed 7 songs in just 40 hours. The whole recording was ready in March 1992. The financial problems that Black Power Records faced delayed and finally cancelled its release that was scheduled for May/June 1992… The band broke the deal signing with the famous Molon Lave Records, the bigger rock/metal label Greece had that season, and released a 7" EP titled 'Apathy Murders Hope' in April/1993, using three songs from that recording. This 7" EP was Acid Death's first official release after their first and only demo-tape. For first time after 17 years, this mini-LP that was saved on a simple chrome-tape - the original master belongs to a record factory in Slovakia - sees the light at its first complete format. With a small sound process with modern methods this mini-LP is distributed free to all the old (or even… new) fans of the band.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed at Praxis Studios, Athens, Greece, February 1992.
Produced by Acid Death.

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