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Abhor / Abysmal Grief > Legione Occulta / Ministerium Diaboli
Abhor / Abysmal Grief - Legione Occulta / Ministerium Diaboli
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Legione Occulta / Ministerium Diaboli

Abhor / Abysmal Grief

Release date:
August 2nd, 2019
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Iron Bonehead Productions
12" vinyl
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Abhor - Legione Occulta 06:11  
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2. Abhor - Possession Obsession 07:25  
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Side B
3. Abysmal Grief - Ministerium Diaboli 13:17  
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Domine Saevum Graven Guitars, Bass, Vocals (backing)
Ulfhedhnir Vocals
Kvasir Bass, Guitars
Leonardo Lonnerbach Organ
Abysmal Grief
Lord Alastair Bass
Lord of Fog Drums
Regen Graves Guitars, Drums
Labes C. Necrothytus Keyboards, Vocals
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- 350gsm Jacket with inside flooded in black and matt varnish
- 140g Black Vinyl
- 250gsm Cardboard Insert
- Gold embroided cloth bag

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