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Habeas Corpus

Absurd Universe

Release date:
October 29th, 2011
Catalog ID:
P18R 039
Punishment 18 Records
None yet
1. History of a New Hell 01:12  
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2. Freedom Less 03:32   Show lyrics
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3. Blood Collector 03:20   Show lyrics
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4. Ships of Enslavement 04:53   Show lyrics
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5. A Stone for Your Skull 02:52   Show lyrics
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6. Red Water 03:55   Show lyrics
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7. Boiled by Dead Water 03:16   Show lyrics
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8. Under Command 03:35   Show lyrics
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9. New World Domination / The Endless Quest 08:33   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mathijs Brussaard Bass
Toep Duin Drums
Dennis Hartog Guitars
Bastiaan Brussaard Guitars
Adrie Kloosterwaard Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
GertJan Vis Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Andrey Kroms Cover art
GertJan Vis Recording, Mixing, Mastering
Andrey Kroms Cover art
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Officially distributed by Sevared Records in the USA.

The tray card lists 10 tracks however the actual album is only nine tracks (tracks 9 and 10 are combined into a single track).


Barcode: 8 033712 040776

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