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Absurd > Facta Loquuntur > 2020, 12" vinyl, IG Farben
Absurd - Facta Loquuntur
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Totenburg / Die Eiche

Facta Loquuntur


Release date:
May 2020
Catalog ID:
IG Farben
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
9 reviews (avg. 67%)
Side A
1. Intro 00:28  
  (loading lyrics...)
2. Werwolf 02:31   Show lyrics
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3. The Gates of Heaven 03:10   Show lyrics
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4. Pesttanz 02:41   Show lyrics
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5. Eternal Winter 04:10   Show lyrics
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6. Mourning Soul 02:07   Show lyrics
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7. Dreaming of Love 04:39   Show lyrics
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8. Wartend In Einsamkeit 07:02  
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Side B
9. Der Sieg ist unser 01:39   Show lyrics
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10. In Des Mondes Blut'gem Schein 04:40   Show lyrics
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11. Wikinger (Ultima Thule cover) (live) 03:12   Show lyrics
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12. Mourning Soul (live) 02:10   Show lyrics
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13. House of the Rising Sun (traditional folk song) (live) 04:01  
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14. Election Day (Ultima Thule cover) (live) 03:26  
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15. Verlassen (live) 04:09  
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16. Lord of Ages (Blood Axis cover) 02:51  
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Original line-up
Band members
Gang:Doom Vocals, Guitars, Drum programming (tracks 5, 9-10)
HM Drums
C.H. Surt Bass
Original line-up
Gang:Doom Vocals, Guitars, Drum programming (tracks 5, 9-10)
HM Drums
C.H. Surt Bass
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Facta Loquuntur was banned by German authorities in February 2009.

Recording information:

1-4: Recorded in May 1995. Tracks were originally featured on the "Thuringian Pagan Madness" cassette EP released by Capricornus Productions in 1995.
5: Rehearsal track recorded in JVA Erfurt prison in December of 1994 (under the monicker Wolfsmod). This was a solo recording featuring only D.M.D. and a drum machine.
6: Recorded by Wolf Möbus outside of jail in February of 1994. Originally intended to be used on the "Thuringian Pagan Madness" 7 inch EP.
7-8: Both songs were the result of a recording session of In Ketten sometime in the Spring of 1995.
9-10: Tracks recorded by D.M.D. solely with the assistance of a drum machine in 1995.

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