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Penumbral Inorgantia

Absonus Noctis

Release date:
December 20th, 2005
Catalog ID:
Wraith Productions
1 review (avg. 71%)
1. Distant Underground Kingdoms Long Forgotten 04:30  
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2. Ancient Chambers of Inhuman Sorrow 05:44  
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3. Sinking into an Abysmal Pool of Weeping Souls 04:26  
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4. Inorganic Reanimation - Awakening 04:49  
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5. Inorganic Reanimation - Ascension 04:43  
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6. The Black Fields of Desolation 17:22  
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Mortifer All instruments, Vocals
Read Yes, the (literal)... 71% Noktorn May 28th, 2007

"Penumbral Inorgantia" is a chronicling of a man's journey to ancient underground kingdoms haunted by the inhuman entities that once dwelt therein. He must seek their arcane instruments to rid earth of all organic life after sinking into the abysmal pools of their souls to shed his human frame and assume an elevated, blackened, and immortal state of being, enabling him to eternally reign over the desolation he has created. Each song represents a specific stage in his journey and shall consequently engulf the listener in an experience of metamorphosis into inhumanity.


Barcode: 827166114422

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