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Abhor > Sodomia, Semen y Sangre
Abhor - Sodomia, Semen y Sangre
Abhor discography (all)

Sodomia, Semen y Sangre


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1. Sathanas 01:44  
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2. Nocturnal Evil 02:28  
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3. Woman in Leather 02:59  
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4. Sado Militant 02:01  
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5. The Black Anal Masses 02:36  
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6. Ghizo 01:15  
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Slaughter Guitars
Lunatiko Drums
Collantes Bass
Said (R.I.P. 2012) Guitars
Verdugo Vocals
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Recorded during a rehearsal, with a journalist's tape recorder. The vocals on this tape by Verdugo are performed without using microphones or any amplification device.

There are at least 2 versions of the frontcover for the original tapes. The alternate frontcover can be seen in the 2017 CD-R edition.

This tape remained nameless for many years. In 2000, a fight between Verdugo & Lunatiko caused the band's rupture. The project is resurrected some years later by Lunatiko with the encouragement of new members. Lunatiko, early drummer and current vocalist, intended to name this record as "Algolagnia"; however in 2005, Slaughter who at this time was already playing for NB-604 & Alcoholic Rites, managed the release on CD, without any authorization from the other ex-band mates, unilaterally deciding to change the band's logo, the record frontcover and give it the name of "Sodomia, Semen y Sangre" (Sodomy, Semen & Blood). Slaughter rejoined the band for a short time, but discussions over the CD release, caused him to leave the band again.

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