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Скрипсвай > Каждому - своё
Скрипсвай - Каждому - своё
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Каждому - своё


Release date:
Catalog ID:
CC 001
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1. Танец смерти 03:40  
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2. Жизнь 00:42  
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3. Будешь на Земле, заходи 04:35  
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4. Обезьяна (Облачный край cover) 04:36  
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5. Сердце - мотор 02:03  
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6. Жизнь - тельняшка 02:41  
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7. Илья Муромец (Бомбер) 02:57  
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8. Ахтунг (В небе Покрышкин) 03:05  
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9. Танки 04:08  
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10. Русская кровь (Иван Поддубный) 04:22  
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11. It's My Life 02:48  
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12. Каждому своё 02:42  
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13. Старый носок 03:10  
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Sergey "Pushkin" Stankov (R.I.P. 2016) Bass, Vocals
Dmitry "Dave" Tokarev Drums
Arkadiy "Archangel" Chesnokov Guitars
Boris "Bob" Wilchik Guitars, Bass, Bayan, Balalaika, Programming
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1. Dance of death
2. Life
3. If you happen to get to Earth, stop by
4. Monkey
5. Heart is an engine
6. Life is a singlet
7. Ilya Muromets (Bomber)
8. Ahtung (Pokryshkin in the sky)
9. Tanks
10. Russian blood (Ivan Poddubny)
12. Everybody gets what he/she deserves
13. An old sock

Ilya Muromets is a Russian "bogatyr" (knight errant), the main hero of many Russian "bylinas" (medieval poems).
Alexander Pokryshkin was a Soviet flying ace, Marshal of Soviet Air Force, who has participated in many air battles during the Great Patriotic War and has destroyed around 100 Nazi airplanes. Three times Hero of the Soviet Union.
Ivan Poddubny was a Soviet professional wrestler and a circus artist, won over 40 fights. He is considered one of the top wrestlers of the world even now.

Recording information:

Recording and mixing: "XX" studio (Boris Vilchik)
Producing and mastering: P.O. studio + M.M. Igor Plenov
Artwork by: Alexei "Kinchik" Polyanov

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