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Дрыгва > Сын магутнага Рода
Дрыгва - Сын магутнага Рода
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Сын магутнага Рода


Release date:
June 25th, 2010
Catalog ID:
GRL-06 / FL-008
Grailight Productions
1 review (avg. 75%)
1. Прадказанне 01:07   Show lyrics
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2. Шлях валхвоў 04:26   Show lyrics
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3. Мацi вужоў 05:33   Show lyrics
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4. Сын магутнага Рода 05:51   Show lyrics
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5. Заклік 01:45   Show lyrics
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6. Пад сцягам Пяруна 07:03   Show lyrics
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7. Подых вайны 03:48   Show lyrics
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8. Навальніца 01:57   Show lyrics
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9. Калі загінеш у баі 06:27   Show lyrics
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10. Святочная 02:43   Show lyrics
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11. Старажытная Беларусь 03:28   Show lyrics
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12. Цяжкія крокі 03:35   Show lyrics
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13. Купальская ахвяра 03:39   Show lyrics
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Band members
Аляксей Стэцюк All instruments
Віталь Беразоўскі Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Drygva Studio Mixing, Mastering
Marina Stetsyuk Cover art
Drygva Studio Mixing, Mastering
Marina Stetsyuk Cover art
Read Belarus pagan metal... 75% UCTYKAH December 23rd, 2011

Co-released with First Line Records.

Bonus tracks are taken from demo Кола часу ("Kola chasu").

Tracks names in English:
1. The Prophecy
2. Path of Volkhves
3. Mother of Enhydris
4. Son of Mighty Rod
5. The Watchword
6. Under the Banner of Perun
7. Sigh of War
8. Thunderstorm
9. If You Shall Die in Battle
10. Festal Song
11. Ancient Belarus
12. Hard Steps
13. Kupala's Prey

Includes an eight-page booklet.

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