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Βρωμόστομοι - Το τρίτο μάτι
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Το τρίτο μάτι


Release date:
February 10th, 2018
Catalog ID:
Hardcore for Life Records
None yet
1. Intro / About the Government   instrumental
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2. Δίχως έλεος   Show lyrics
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3. Παίρνεις το μπούλο   Show lyrics
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4. Anti-Sexist Track   Show lyrics
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5. Face to Face   Show lyrics
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6. Ζωή μπουρδέλο   Show lyrics
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7. Χώρα διάλυσης   Show lyrics
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8. Α.Κ.Κ.   Show lyrics
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9. Το τρίτο μάτι   Show lyrics
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10. Deceive / Neglect (Ground cover)   Show lyrics
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Band members
Greg Baxx Guitars, Vocals
Pagan Bass
Talos "Mechanical Blasphemy" Drums
Greg Baxx Guitars, Vocals
Pagan Bass
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Artwork Sketch: Veronica Hildewolf & Alex Manou
intro speech was taken from Jordan Maxwell (matrix of power)
Music rights for Deceive//Neglect track belong to Ground
All music & lyrics by Vromostomoi

Recording information:

Recording/Mixing/Stem Mastering: Tube Sound Recordings
Drums Recording: Bree Studio
Audio Production: Greg Baxx
Session Drummer: Giorgos Filippou

Added by: Darwazeger Modified by: Darwazeger
Added on: 2018-02-10 10:47:46 Last modified on: 2018-08-27 08:44:17