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Örk Bastards > Final Price
Örk Bastards - Final Price
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Warmongers of the Gloomy Lands

Final Price

Örk Bastards

Release date:
November 20th, 2009
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Witchhammer Productions
200 copies
None yet
1. Dead Walking Hog 01:50   Show lyrics
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2. Final Price 02:53   Show lyrics
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3. Cold and Ruined Stones 02:32   Show lyrics
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4. Unstoppable Raid 02:23   Show lyrics
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5. Dancing with Shiva 02:03   Show lyrics
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6. Fucking City (Curt and the Contras cover) 03:47  
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7. The Possibility of Life's Destruction (Discharge cover) 01:17   Show lyrics
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Band members
Naastmorkh Drums
M. (R.I.P. 2015) Guitars, Bass
Piggo Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
M. (R.I.P. 2015) Mixing
Naastmorkh Drums
M. (R.I.P. 2015) Guitars, Bass
Piggo Vocals
M. (R.I.P. 2015) Mixing
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Hand numbered copies.

Recording information:

Recorded at Kukkovka-Hell Studios on March 28, 2009
Mixed on March 30, 2009.

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