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La noche del juglar


Live album
Release date:
December 1999
Catalog ID:
ÑU 016 CD
A la Caza de Ñu
None yet
1. Robin Hood 04:26   Show lyrics
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2. Conjuros 03:56   Show lyrics
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3. La casa del rey 02:34   instrumental
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4. Tocaba correr 04:41   Show lyrics
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5. Pícaro / La granja del loco 07:02   Show lyrics
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6. El flautista 04:32   Show lyrics
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7. La taberna encantada 02:40   instrumental
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8. Trovador de ciudad 05:03   Show lyrics
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9. De fiesta 03:59   instrumental
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10. Ella 06:15   Show lyrics
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11. Danzarina privada 05:36   Show lyrics
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José Carlos Molina Vocals (lead), Flute, Mandolin, Tambourine
Miguel Lozano Guitars (acoustic)
Pedro Vela Guitars (acoustic)
Juan Miguel Rodríguez Bass (acoustic), Vocals (backing)
Jorge Calvo Keyboards, Whistle, Flute (support)
Vesco Kountchev Viola
Jesús Sánchez Drums, Percussion, Goblet drum
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Recorded live on March 6th, 1998.
Track 3 is a cover of Focus' House of the King.
Limited to 1000 copies.

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