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Ñu > ...y nadie escapó de la evolución
Ñu - ...y nadie escapó de la evolución
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...y nadie escapó de la evolución


Release date:
December 2011
Catalog ID:
REF. JLA-00.0402
Discos Cada
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
500 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Satisfacción (Chiqui blues) 03:44  
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2. Satisfacción (Chiqui rock) 04:59  
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3. El tablero de ajedrez 04:45  
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4. El tren 06:24  
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Side B
5. Medley (Explosión del Universo / Que nadie escape de la evolución / La fiesta de los muertos) 13:07  
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6. What’d I Say (Ray Charles) 03:27  
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7. Nunca se debe decir (Kurt Savoy) 02:31  
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Miscellaneous staff
José Luis Álvarez Producer
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Tracks 1-2 recorded at Audiofilm Studios, Madrid, in 1976.
Tracks 3-5 recorded live at "Las 12 Horas de Rock" de San Sebastián de los Reyes (1977)
Tracks 6-7 recorded at Audiofilm Studios, Madrid, 1975 when Ñu were session musicians for Kurt Savoy. These tracks were previously released as part of ¡Full & Rock con... Kurt Savoy! Todas sus grabaciones (1960-1977) 2xCD Compilation (unknown year).

José Carlos Molina - Vocals (tracks 1-5), Flute
Rosendo Mercado - Guitar
Juan Almarza - Bass
Felipe Salinas - Drums
Kurt Savoy (not a Ñu member) - Vocals & Guitar on tracks 6-7

All songs by J.C. Molna & R. Mercado except for 6 (Ray Charles) & 7 (Kurt Savoy).

First edition (December, 2011) by Discos Cada (left cover, which represents the master tape cover, written 35 years before): only 500 Copies (vinyl) were made.

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