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Чёрный Обелиск > Апокалипсис
Чёрный Обелиск - Апокалипсис
Чёрный Обелиск discography (lives)
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Чёрный Обелиск discography (all)
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Чёрный Обелиск

Live album
Release date:
December 17th, 1986
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Вступление 05:38   Show lyrics
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2. Апокалипсис 07:49   Show lyrics
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3. Полночь 05:59   Show lyrics
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4. Болезнь 05:59   Show lyrics
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5. Троянский конь 03:47   Show lyrics
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6. Фантастическая гравюра 05:05   Show lyrics
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7. Абадонна 06:02   Show lyrics
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Cassette tape.

English translations:
1. Introduction
2. Apocalypse
3. Midnight
4. Illness
5. Trojan Horse
6. Fantastic Engraving
7. Abaddon

The lyrics for "Вступление" ("Introduction") and "Фантастическая гравюра" ("Fantastic Engraving") are Russian translations of poems by Charles Baudelaire, a classical French poet in the 19th century.

Recording information:

Recorded live in early December, 1986.

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