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United States 
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Death, Grind, Thrash, Black 

This is from the youtube user Glenn Childs. It completely blew my mind.
" I tell you though, it is much easier for me to believe that God created everything than to believe we all came from a ball of snot that just ooozed up out from the water and became a human after millions of years."

Sweet comment from a Destroyer 666 video on youtube
Predator's don't know any of your pathetic way of life music! But if you desire and drain your self into this music!
Keep listening to this shit and I a sure you, you might go crazy. Crazy humans devour this kind of music to their ears and they jump off the cliff and die."

I don't list MP3s in my collection.

Warvictims - Lögnen Om Fredsavtalet LP & CD
Warvictims - Domedagen LP & CD
Warvictims - Until Man Exists No More LP & cassette
Warvictims - Scarred for Life - CD & cassette
Warvicitms/Besthoven split 7"
Warvictims - D-Beat Destruction 7"
Warvictims - Bellum Se Ipsum Alet 7"
Warvictims/High Tension split 7"
Warvctims/Till Death split 10"
Warvictims - Thrash Punk Terror Rampage 7"
Warvictims/Sistemas De Aniquilacion split 7"
Warvictims/Disable split 7"
Warvictims/Suburban Showdown split 7"
Warvictims/Besthoven/Kruel/Peace or Annihilation 4 way split
Electric Funeral - A D-Beat Noise Attack/Make a Change LP
Besthoven - Dis Means War LP
Besthoven - Seeking Shelter in the Darkness of War LP
Besthoven - A Lei Do Mais Fraco... LP
Besthoven- A Bomb Raid Into Your Mind... - Discography 2002-2004 LP
Besthoven - Born to Kill Dreams 10"
Besthoven/Go Filth Go - A D-Beat Inferno split 7"
Besthoven/Kontatto - Fucking Crusties split 7"
Besthoven - Just Another Warsong 7"
Besthoven - To Hell with Them All 7"
Besthoven - A Crash Course in Noise 7"
Besthoven - Depois de Um Ataque Aéreo 7"
Besthoven/Skeleton - Disgrace and Destruction split 12"
Besthoven/See-Get split 7"
Besthoven/Suburban Showdown split 7"
Besthoven/Trioxin 245 split 7" green 83/100
Besthoven - Total Discimex cassette 27/500
Besthoven - ST cassette
Framtid - Under the Ashes LP
Antisect - Out from the Void 7"
Antisect - Leeds 2.4.86 LP
Crude S.S - Who'll Survive 7"
Dodsdomd - Seven Deadly Sins
D-Clone - Creation and Destroy
Warcollapse - Crust as Fuck Existence 12"
Warcollapse - Divine Intoxication
Warcollapse - Defy! CD& LP
Warcollapse - Crap, Scrap, and Unforgivable Slaughter 7"
Misery - Who's the Fool LP
Misery - From Where the Sun Never Shines LP
Desperat - Suicide Attack 7"
Desperat -
Anger Burning - When 12"
Napalm Raid - Mindless Nation 12" white vinyl limited to 100
Atavistic - Vanishing Point LP
Zoe - The Last Axe Beaten LP
Kromoson - 12"
Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead LP
Asile - Kichesippi Toxique LP
Deathraid/Desperat split 12"
Black Uniforms - Splatter Punx on Acid LP & CD
Anti-Cimex - The Records '81-'86 LP
Anti-Cimex - Absolute Country of Sweden
Anti-Cimex - Scandinavian Jowbreaker LP
Wolfpack - A New Dawn Fades LP
Wolfpack - All Day Hell LP & CD
Wolfbrigade - A D-Beat Oddyssey 12"
Wolfbridage - Prey to the World LP
Wolfbrigade - Comalive LP
Wolfbrigade - Progression Regression
Meanwhile - Remaining Right: Silence LP
Acrostix - A Chain of Hatred LP
Avskum - In the Spirit of Mass Destruction LP
Avskum - Punkista LP
Auktion - Spader Ess cassette
Auktion - D-Beat Rock n Roll Mayhem cassette
Driller Killer - Brutalize LP
Driller Killer - Total Fucking Brutalized
Driller Killer - Fuck the World
Driller Killer - And the Winner Is...
Driller Killer - 4Q Mangrenade
Dischange - Seeing feeling Bleeding
Disfear - A Brutal Sight of War 10"
Disfear - Live the Storm
Disfear - Misanthropic Generation
Disclose - Yesterdays Fairytales... cassette
Disclose - Apocalypse of Death 7"
Disclose/Scarred for Life split 7"
Disgust - The Horror of it All CD & LP
Disgust - Brutality of War
Disturd - Isolation 7"
Gauze - Binbou Yusuri No Rizumu Ni Notte LP
Alehammer/Tyrant split lp
Totalitar - Ni Maste Bort!
Totalitar - Vi Ar Eliten
Doom - Total Doom
Doom - Police Bastard 7"
Detestation - Destation LP
Peace or Annhilation - Horrific Disturbing Visions of War MC
Moderat Likvidation - Hardcore b 4 84
Moderat Likvidation - M
Moderat Likvidation - Marionett I Kedjor
Scatterbrain- promo tape
S.O.D. - Pussywhipped bootleg DVD
Metallica- Bay Area Thrashers LP
Agnostic Front- Cause for Alarm, Victim in Pain, and Liberty and Justice for...
Gang Green- Older... Budweiser
Gang Green- You Got It
Gang Green- I81B4U
Carcass- Power of Blood 7 in.
Slayer- bootleg dvd (south of heaven) 1988
Megadeth- bootleg dvd (Peace Sells) 1985
Metal Massacre 2
Metal Massacre 9 LP
Doomsday News 2 Comp.
Oingo Boingo - Marching in Time LP
Oingo Boingo - Only a Lad CD and LP
Oingo Boingo - Nothing to Fear
Oingo Boingo - Good for Your Soul LP
Oingo Boingo - Dead Man's Party
Oingo Boingo - Boingo
Oingo Boingo - Dark at the end of the tunnel