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Black, Death 

I am in metal business since 1999.
I have originals pictures of some bands. If you need something of that, please write me.
I have many old demos, cd, and vinyl old school. If you need some material please write me.
I owner of VETERANS RECORDS Label & Distro in Barranquilla Colombia.

All the mails and trades are welcome!

Please write

Check Veterans Records in facebook:

Check my DISCOGS account Juanca.Celedonmedina

My favorite bands are the Old school BLACK DEATH from Sweden, Finland and South America.
And all the Black Metal escene from: Norway & France.

Favorite albums: Black/ Death
1. Dissection. Storm of the lights bane
2. Mayhem. the Misteriies dom sathanas
3. Tormentor. Anno Domini
4. Blut Aus Nord. Ultima Thulee
5. Burzum. Hvis Lyset tar oss
6. Peste Noire. Le sanie
7. Hirilorn. Legends of Evil and eternal death
8. Satyricon. Dark Medieval times
9. Abigor. Apokalipse
10. Ungod. Circle of seven infernal pacts
11. Bestial Summoning. Dark War has beging
12. Darkthrone. A blaze in the northern sky
13. Enslaved. Viking veldi
14. Dissection. The Somberlain
15. Lord Belial. Kiss the goat
16. Enthroned. Regie sathanas
17. Impaled Nazarene. Ugra Karma
18. Rotting Christ -Thy Mighty Contract
19. Moonblood. Blut & Krieg
20. Death SS. Terror/Zombies ep

Heavy/ Speed/Power:

1. Avalon- the third move
2. Babel - Esclavo del Silencio
3. Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath
4. Talion. Como el fuego
5. Iron Maiden- Killers
6. Magia Negra ep
7. Solar Eagle ep
8. Paradox
9. Militia
10. Judast priest- Painkiller
11. Thor -Mata la bestia
12. Streed Child ep
13. Deep Purple- In rock
14. Helloween
15. Gamma Ray Heading for tomorrow
16. Rush
17. Manowar- Kings of Metal
18. Virgin Steele
19. Rhapsody . Symphony of Enchanted lands
20. Symphony X- V


1. Deicide. Legion
2. Possesed. Seven Churches
3. Death- Human
4. Cannibal Corpse. Tomb of the mutilated
5. Autopsy Severed Survival
6. Immolation. Here in After
7. Deceased. Luck of the Corpse
8. Morbid Angel. Domination
9. Sinister. Cross the Styx
10. Acheron. Rites of The Black Mass
11. Impetigo. Ultimo Mondo Canibale
12. Carcass. Simphonies of sickness
13. Incantation. Mortal Throne of Nazarene
14. Desecration. Gore and Perversion
15. Leishmaniasis. Necrocanibalismo
16. Sentenced. Shadows of the past
17. Malevolent Creation. Stillborn
18. Brutality. Screams of anguish
19. Benediction. Transcend the Rubicon
20. Horrified. In the garden of unearthly delight
21. Cemetary - An evil shade of Grey
22. Repulsion - Horrified

*Masterpiece of humanity: INCISION ¨Perverted Possessions¨

1- Poison- Into the abyss
2- Euthanausea
3- Dissection
4- Immortal
5. Rabbits carrot
6. Corpse (Swe)
7. The Black
8. Torso-Anatomy in extinction
9. Death SS
10. Occisor
11. Outbreak (Swe)
12. Nihilist
13. Sororicide
14. Nifelheim
15. Pagan Rites- Demo 92
16. Varathron demo 93