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Metal newbie 
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http://piss off you twat 
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death, black, thrash, grind 

i also dont like nu-metal, but that doesnt count. most gothic metal, and most power metal (apart from the earlier stuff) tends to shut my ears off as well.

it's not "too raw", youre just too much of a pussy to appreciate it. DEATH TO OVERPRODUCTION!

i dont give a shit how "kvlt" or "underground" something is. if it sucks, it sucks. no 2 ways about it.

recently, I've become a reviewer for The Metal Observer. My name on there is Christopher. I might import some of my reviews there over here.
(Unfortunately I am no longer reviewing there. My reviews are still up though if for some reason you're interested)

rare for me to give an album 100%....perfection is hard to come by. generally if i rate something above a 90%, then its pretty clear you should buy it. anything below a 50%, dont bother, download the thing, if you really feel like subjecting yourself to it.

by the way, if you are interested in any of the albums that i possess (i also have shitloads of punk, classical, and other things), my Soulseek name is deadite, and my AIM screenname is Y0uSufferButWhy, feel free to contact me and ask for what you would like.

here are some of the funniest reviews on this site. (will add more as i continue to find them)

the logic behind some reviews and actions here is simply mind boggling.

For example: people who sign up to write ONLY negative reviews. Ok, you think albums are bad. can we see some things you like or will you just continue to be a shitsucking prick?

Another example: praising anything Bring Me The Horizon/Waking the Cadaver/Job For a Cowboy has done.

Yet another example: people who review a particular album in which they discuss the bad things about the STYLE of music, not the band. You dont like the genre? Then why are you reviewing the cd, you twat? Not like anyone will think youre COOL just cause youre some power metal fanboy who writes a review for a grindcore album. "LOLZ DIS SUX THERE RNT ENUF DRAGUNZ AND EPIC SWORD BATTELS". I wouldnt review a gothic styled metal album because I despise the style, and so any qualities the album would have would be lost on me. Therefore, it would be useless for me to try an objective review. To all people who do this, please, stop being such a juvenile waste of time and do us all a favor; uninstall life.

Something else: people who like nu-metal. like, seriously ENJOY nu-metal. Why not just walk into Warner Brothers' Records and start giving the CEO a blowjob? Thats basically what you are doing by buying into it.

And prog assholes who cant appreciate simplicity or atmosphere, but just jack off to Dream Theater's 10 minute self indulgent solos. Learn how to listen to music, instead of just hearing it, you morons.

Finally: people who just seem to not listen to the CD fully enough before reviewing it. Dont give the CD a once-over, listen to it a few times, see if it sinks in.

im not done ranting yet, you fucks. there will be more.