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cravingforvenom's profile

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Varun Nair 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Old School thrash,power,death 

I listen to everything from the plods of doom metal to the extremes of grindcore(only old school FYI, and not the pointless cacophonous offshoots that have sprouted over the years ever since the whole scene started developing a huge fan base). Personally I have more leanings towards thrash metal because this genre was practically my portal into heavy metal when I was just 12 years old.

Most people consider the fantastic 4 of thrash as the be all, end all of thrash metal which i find totally deplorable. They are great bands, no doubt but there are/were other bands that deserve/deserved a lot of attention too. I can name a few thousand thrash metal bands that were creating great music at the same time as the fab 4.

As for my reviews, dont be surprised to find that most of the reviews I've written have all been given a rating above 90. Simply because I write reviews for the albums I totally like. Maybe somewhere down the line, I might just pop in a few liners of spite for albums that have been an absolute shame to the whole fraternity of heavy metal. Genres such as metalcore,deathcore,mathcore,thrashcore,mallcore etc etc. are simply concoctions of a few abominations of nature who's sole intent is to try and use new school ideas with the facility of production values to create some of the worst sounding music ever heard barely getting beaten by some sellout pop acts. As is apparent, I dont need to name the bands here.

Having said that here's how my review rating system goes with an example:

90-100% - Excellent album with the tag "Highly recommended" on it.
Metallica - Ride The Lightning

80-90% - A great album with just a few flaws that can be overlooked.
Overkill - The Years Of Decay

70-80% - A good album with some negative factors that somewhat scar the end result.
Testament - Practice What You Preach

60-70% - A decent album overpowered by lame ideas,music, songwriting or production.
Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power

50-60% - "Behold listener!!Mediocrity is thy name but there would be a few moments scattered all around that could be given a hear, else please dont waste your precious time and money unless you got a plethora of both"
Iron Maiden - Fear Of The Dark

40-50% - A few interesting riffs and thats about it. More negatives than positives found here.
Celtic Frost - Cold Lake

30-40% - Oh Jesus!! The job of finding good moments here couldn't get more difficult.
Opeth - Blackwater Park

20-30% - Atrocious. Worth only a dime if up at a garage sale.
Abruptum - Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes

20% and below - An effort that deserves a one way street. From the recording studio to the trash can or the incinerator.
Thrash Queen - Manslayer

I'm in the process of contributing more to this site by writing more quality reviews. If anyone wishes to send across suggestions/advice/junk then please feel free to go about it. I'm also open to arguments related to any particular record if you feel that the level of bias I've shown is far too much for you to take.