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Metal lord 
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Arthur Schramade 
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abingdon boys school: Innocent Sorrow (CD-single/promo)
abingdon boys school: Howling (CD-single/promo)
相川七瀬 [Nanase Aikawa]: Red
相川七瀬: paraDOX
相川七瀬: Crimson
相川七瀬: Purana
Air Pavillion: The River/The Life
Alfee: The Renaissance (LP)
Alfee: The Best Songs (LP)
The Alfee: Ages (LP+12")
The Alfee: U.K. Breakfast
The Alfee: The Alfee Classics
The Alfee: Journey
The Alfee: Love
The Alfee: Nouvelle vague
The Alfee: The Alfee Classics III
The Alfee: Going My Way
The Alfee: Single History Vol.V 1996-2001 (2CD)
The Alfee: Single History Vol.VI 2002-2008 (2CD)
Animetal the Second: Animetal the Second
Arc: 懐メロミックス (MCD)
Ars Nova: The Goddess of Darkness~黄泉の女神達
Ars Nova: Android Domina
Ars Nova: Lacrimaria
バビロン [Babylon]: 月凛花 (CD-single)
Babymetal: Babymetal
Bad Messiah: Golden Seeds
baroque: ila. (CD-single+DVD)
Betty Blue: Hush! (MCD)
Betty Blue: Jade
Betty Blue: No Big Fuckin' Deal
美狂乱 [Bikyōran]: 美狂乱 (remastered)
美狂乱: Parallax (remastered)
Black Page: Open the Next Page (remastered)
Blood: Blood [European version] (reissue/FRA)
Blood: Blind/Morphine (cd-single) (FRA)
Blood: The Funeral for Humanity (cd-single)
Blood: Vengeance for Blood 2 (mcd)
Blood: 1st Period DX
Blood: 2nd Period DX
Blood: Spleen ~憂鬱~ (mcd)
Blood: Les fleurs du mal
Body: Flame
Bump'n Grind: Welcome to the Real World
Bump of Chicken: R.I.P. / Merry Christmas (cd-single)
B'z: Off the Lock
B'z: Mars (mcd)
B'z: In the Life
B'z: Run
B'z: Friends (mcd)
B'z: The 7th Blues (2cd)
B'z: Loose
B'z: Friends II (mcd)
B'z: Survive
B'z: B'z the Best "Pleasure"
B'z: B'z the Best "Treasure"
B'z: Brotherhood
B'z: Eleven
B'z: Juice!! (cd-single)
B'z: GOLD (cd-single)
B'z: Green
B'z: Big Machine
B'z: The Circle
B'z: Monster
B'z: Action
Canta: めらめら
Captured: Vicious
Captured: Power Infection
Cats in Boots: Kicked & Klawed (remastered/UK)
Chaba: The Best of Chaba - Kinema Rock yuugi
Cozy Powell Forever (tribute-cd)
Creature Creature: 風の塔 (cd-single)
Creature Creature: 風の塔 (cd-single+dvd)
Creature Creature: Red (cd-single)
Creature Creature: Inferno
Dada: Dada (LP)
Delight Slight: Silver Moons Melody (mcd)
D'espairsRay: Mirror (reissue/GER)
Detroit Metal City - Tribute to Krauser II The Metal Mix (v.a.)
Devils: It's Just Only Rock'n Roll
Devils: Fuck Off Die
Doll$Boxx: Dolls Apartment
Dope HEADz: PLANET OF THE Dope (reissue/THA)
Ebony Eyes Final Fight Project: 2013.6.14 (Sat) 目黒鹿鳴館 DVD-R
Emergency Express '93 Dead Angle 視覚を突け! (v.a.)
Eastern Orbit: Journey to Utopia~Eastern Orbit Live! (LP)
Eastern Orbit: Journey to Utopia~Eastern Orbit Live! (remastered 2002/promo)
Eu Phoria: シングルベッド/Hey! (cd-single)
Far East Gate in Inferno (v.a.)
Gacharic Spin: Music Battler
Gackt: 月の詩 (cd-single)
Garlic Boys: Psycho Thrash (remastered)
G.D.Flickers: G.D.Flickers
激情★めたりっちぇ [Gekijo Metalliche]: 必殺!リバーシブル (cd-single)
激情★めたりっちぇ: あっぷぐれーど (仮)
Gerard: Irony of Fate (remastered 2001)
Gerard: Visionary Dream
Girl U Need: Girl U Need
Goldbrick: Goldbrick
Goldbrick: Live! Groovy Nights 2003
Goldbrick: Goldbrick II
Grand Metal Live ~5th Japan Heavy Metal Fantasy (v.a.) (2LP)
Grand Prix: Rock
Groovy Heels: Groovy Heels (mcd)
HAL9000: ワサビ (cd-single+dvd)
浜田麻里 [Mari Hamada]: Lunatic Doll~暗殺警告 (LP)
浜田麻里: Lunatic Doll~暗殺警告 (remastered)
浜田麻里: Romantic Night~炎の誓い (LP)
浜田麻里: Romantic Night~炎の誓い (reissue 1988)
浜田麻里: Romantic Night~炎の誓い (remastered)
浜田麻里: Misty Lady (LP)
浜田麻里: Misty Lady (remastered)
浜田麻里: Rainbow Dream (LP)
浜田麻里: Rainbow Dream
浜田麻里: Rainbow Dream (remastered)
浜田麻里: Mari's Collection! 1983~1985
浜田麻里: Now & Then
浜田麻里: Blue Revolution (LP)
浜田麻里: Blue Revolution
浜田麻里: Blue Revolution (remastered)
浜田麻里: Magical Mystery "Mari" – 浜田麻里 Live '85
浜田麻里: Magical Mystery "Mari" – 浜田麻里 Live '85 (remastered)
浜田麻里: Promise in the History (remastered)
浜田麻里: In the Precious Age
浜田麻里: In the Precious Age (remastered)
浜田麻里: Call My Luck (8 cm-cd-single)
浜田麻里: Love Never Turns Against (remastered)
浜田麻里: Heart and Soul – "The Singles"
浜田麻里: Sincerely
浜田麻里: Sincerely (remastered)
浜田麻里: Return to Myself
浜田麻里: Colors
浜田麻里: Tomorrow
浜田麻里: Anti-heroine
浜田麻里: All My Heart
浜田麻里: Inclination
浜田麻里: Introducing... Mari Hamada
浜田麻里: Persona
浜田麻里: Open Your Heart (cd-single)
浜田麻里: Greatest Hits
浜田麻里: Sense of Self (reissue 2014)
浜田麻里: Flying High/Moonlight Shadow (cd-single)
浜田麻里: elan
浜田麻里: Sur lie
浜田麻里: Reflection -axiom of the two wings- (2CD)
浜田麻里: Inclination III (2cd+dvd)
Hard Rock Summit in Citta' (v.a.)
早川めぐみ [Hayakawa Megumi]: Face to Face (LP)
heath: heath (mcd)
Heavy Metal Guitar Battle Vol.II (split-LP)
heidi.: クローバー (cd-single)
heidi.: シンクロ / ひゅるり (cd-single)
塀の中のプレイ・ボール (original soundtrack) [Hei no naka no Play Ball]
hide: Hide Your Face
hide: Hide Your Face (reissue)
hide: Eyes Love You (8cm-cd-single)
hide: Eyes Love You (cd-single) (reissue)
hide: 50% & 50% (cd-single) (reissue)
hide: Dice (8cm-cd-single)
hide: Dice (cd-single) (reissue)
hide: Tell Me (cd-single) (reissue)
hide: Misery (cd-single) (reissue)
hide: Beauty & Stupid (cd-single) (reissue)
hide: Psyence
hide: Psyence (reissue)
hide: Ja, Zoo
hide: Ja, Zoo (reissue)
hide with Spread Beaver: Rocket Dive (8cm-cd-single) [2 copies]
hide with Spread Beaver: Rocket Dive (cd-single) (reissue)
hide with Spread Beaver: everfree (8cm-cd-single) [2 copies]
hide with Spread Beaver: everfree (cd-single) (reissue)
hide with Spread Beaver: Hurry Go Round (8cm-cd-single) [2 copies]
hide with Spread Beaver: Hurry Go Round (cd-single) (reissue)
hide with Spread Beaver: Tell Me (cd-single)
hide: In Motion (cd-single)
hide with Spread Beaver: ピンク スパイダー (8cm-cd-single)
hide with Spread Beaver: ピンク スパイダー (cd-single) (reissue)
hide: Psyence a Go Go
hide: Hide Our Psychommunity
High Style Paradox III ~maiden voyage~ (v.a.) (FRA)
Hirose Satoshi "Jimmy" [広瀬さとし]: Obsession
Hyde: 666 (reissue/GER)
Jacks 'n' Joker: Shuffle and Deal (MCD)
Jacks 'n' Joker: Jacks 'n' Joker
Jacks 'n' Joker: Inside Outlaw
JAM Project: The Gate of the Hell (cd-single)
JAM Project: Destination (cd-single)
Janne Da Arc: シルビア (cd-single)
Janne Da Arc: 振り向けは・・・ (cd-single+dvd)
Japanese Heavy Metal Tribute 魂 (スピリット) (v.a.)
Jeanne d'Arc: Dangerous Elements #1
地蔵 [Ji-Zō]: Love High (mcd)
地蔵: Next World (mcd)
Judy and Mary: The Power Source
角松敏生 [Toshiki Kadomatsu]: Sea Is a Lady
影山ヒロノブ [Hironobu Kageyama] & Broadway/堀江美都子: 聖闘士星矢 Boys Be (split-cd/reissue/HKG)
Kaizoku: Kaizoku
片山圭司 [Keiji Katayama]: Odessa File (LP)
河辺千恵子 [Chieco Kawabe]: brilliance (cd+dvd/promo)
Kill'em All Fakin' Metals 2 (v.a.)
Killer May: Joy Stick
Killer May: Bye Bye High School (12" EP)
Killer May: Rebel Dreams (LP)
Killer May: Rebel Dreams
Killer May: Sangre
Killer May: The Best of Killer May
Killing Field: World Is Denied
筋肉少女帯: 新人
筋肉少女帯: 仲直りのテーマ (cd-single)
Kisaki Project feat. 樹威: 肖像 ~in the cradle~ (FRA)
KIX·S: Mother
KIX·S: Body
KIX·S: The KIX·S 90's
KIX·S: The KIX·S 90's II
Kotoko: Special Life! (cd-single+dvd)
黒夢 [Kuroyume]: 199710.31 Live at 新宿Loft
Kyoji's Sound Wonderland: Rock Legends Reborn ~acoustic cafe~
Ladies Room: Sex Sex Sex
Ladiesroom: Made in SEX
Ladiesroom: Lock and Key
Ladiesroom: Eat a Peach
Ladiesroom: Rhythm Crush 2 (mcd)
Ladiesroom: The Very Best of the Golden Fuckin' Greatest Hits Platinum Self Cover Album 1987-1992
Ladiesroom: The Very Best of the Golden Fuckin' Greatest Hits Platinum Self Cover Album 1993-1995
L'Arc~en~Ciel: flower (8cm-cd-single)
L'Arc~en~Ciel: 虹 (8cm-cd-single)
L'Arc~en~Ciel: winter fall (8cm-cd-single)
L'Arc~en~Ciel: DIVE TO BLUE (8cm-cd-single)
L'Arc~en~Ciel: HONEY (8cm-cd-single)
L'Arc~en~Ciel: 花葬 (8cm-cd-single)
L'Arc~en~Ciel: snow drop (8cm-cd-single)
L'Arc~en~Ciel: forbidden lover (8cm-cd-single)
Lareine: Fleur (8cm-cd-single)
Lazy: This Is the Lazy (remastered)
Lazy: レイジを追いかけろ (remastered)
Lazy: Dream a Dream (remastered)
Lazy: Rock Diamond (remastered)
Lazy: Lazy V (LP)
Lazy: Lazy V (remastered)
Lazy: Best Hit (LP)
Lazy: 宇宙船地球号 [Uchūsen chikyūgō]
Lazy: 宇宙船地球号 (remastered)
Lazy: 燃えつきた青春 (2LP)
Lazy: 燃えつきた青春 (remastered)
Lazy: Golden✭Best
Lazy: 宇宙船地球号II [Uchūsen chikyūgō II]
Legends of Japanese Heavy Metal 80's Vol.2 ~Brilliant Guitar Plays~ (v.a.)
LEMONed - Collected by hide (v.a.)
Ann Lewis [アン・ルイス]: 女はそれを我慢できない (7")
Ann Lewis: 女にスジは通らない (7")
Ann Lewis: I'm a Lonely Lady (7")
Ann Lewis: Cheek
Ann Lewis: La saison (7")
Ann Lewis: Luv Ya (7")
Ann Lewis: Heavy Moon (remastered 2007/promo)
Ann Lewis: Romantic Violence (remastered 2007/promo)
Ann Lewis: I Love You より愛してる (remastered 2007)
Ann Lewis: Dri夢・X-T-C (remastered/2007/promo)
Ann Lewis: Joshin
Ann Lewis: My Name Is Woman
Ann Lewis: Rude
Ann Lewis: Womanism III - Naku-tame-yoo
Ann Lewis: K-Rock
Ann Lewis: Rockadelic
Ann Lewis: Piercer
Ann Lewis: La Adelita
Ann Lewis: Ann Balance 2 -Jukebox-
Ann Lewis: Ann Balance 5 -Trapeze-
Ann Lewis: Girls Night Out
Lindberg: Lindberg I
Lindberg: Lindberg II
Lindberg: Lindberg III
Lindberg: Lindberg IV
Lindberg: Extra Flight
Lindberg: Extra Flight II
Lindberg: Lindberg VII
Lindberg: Lindberg VIII
Lindberg: Lindberg IX
Loudness: Let It Go (promo-12"/USA)
Loudness: This Lonely Heart/Take Me Home (promo-7"/JPN)
Loudness: This Lonely Heart (promo-12"/USA)
Loudness: Spiritual Canoe promotion special disc
Luna Sea: Desire (8cm-cd-single)
Luna Sea: In Silence (8cm-cd-single)
Luna Sea: End of Sorrow (8cm-cd-single)
Luna Sea: Love Song (cd-single)
Make-Up: Howling Will (LP)
Make-Up: Straight Liner (LP)
Make-Up: Born to be Hard (LP)
Make-Up: Find Out (12")
Make-Up: Rock Legend of Boys & Girls (LP)
Make-Up: 聖闘士星矢 1996 Song Collection (reissue/TPE)
Make-Up: Memories of Blue (5cd/1dvd-box)
Make-Up: The Voice from Yesterday (mcd)
Make-Up/Grand Prix: Rock Joint Bazzar (split-cd)
Make-Up/堀江美都子 (Mitsuko Horie): 聖闘士星矢 (split-cd)
Make-Up Project/堀江美都子: 聖闘士星矢II ~いかなる星の下に~ (split-cd reissue/TPE)
Carmen Maki: Night Stalker (LP/GER)
Carmen Maki: Night Stalker (reissue 2002)
Carmen Maki & Oz: Live (2LP)
Marchosias Vamp: Pleasure_Sensations! (LP)
Marchosias Vamp: Destiny Calling (LP)
Marchosias Vamo: Destiny Calling (MCD)
Marchosias Vamp: 乙姫鏡 (mcd)
Marchosias Vamp: In Kazmidity (remastered 2008)
Marchosias Vamp: Dynamic Was Ruby
Marchosias Vamp: Dynamic Was Ruby (remastered 2008)
Marchosias Vamp: reVAMPed (mcd/remastered 2008)
Marchosias Vamp: Rinascimento (remastered 2008)
Marchosias Vamp: Miraval (remastered 2008)
Marchosias Vamp: マスターベイション (remastered 2008)
Marcy: Let's Spend the Night Together~夜をぶっとばせ!
Marcy: Marcy
The Marcy Band: 悪戯天使/itazura tenshi
The Marcy Band: Naughty Monkeys
Tak Matsumoto: The Hit Parade
松岡直也 [Naoya Matsuoka]: 日曜島へ
Julia Mazda [松田樹利亜]: Julia I
Julia Mazda: Julia II
Julia Mazda: Julia III
Julia Mazda: Vibrate
Julia Mazda: Re:
Metalfolk: 打倒! アニメタル (cd-single)
メタルッチ: メタルッチャ! (cd-single)
Metal Vibes - 2nd Attack (v.a.)
mixx: Bye3 (バイバイバイ) (cd-single+dvd)
mixx: あげぽよレッツゴー! (cd-single+dvd)
Momoiro Clover: 未来へススメ! (cd-single)
Momoiro Clover Z: Gounn (cd-single)
Mucc: 是空 (reissue/GER)
中ノ森Band [Nakanomori Band]: Oh My Darlin' ~Girls Having Fun~
中ノ森Band: Do the Rock
ナツメタル: Natsumetal Gentlemen (cd-single)
練馬マッチョマン: ゴールデン・ヒッツ
練馬絶叫倶楽部: 練馬絶叫倶楽部 / 壱
Night Hawks: The Midnight Hawks
Nightmare: Dirty (cd-single)
Niji Densetsu [虹伝説]:Niji Densetsu [tribute]
西寺 実 [Nishidera Minoru]: ふぞろいのロックたち其之壱
Nokko: Call Me Nightlife
Novela: In the Night (星降る夜のおとぎ話) (remastered 2002)
Novela: In the Night (星降る夜のおとぎ話) (remastered 2007)
Novela: 魅惑劇 [Miwakugeki] (remastered 2007)
Novela: Sanctuary (聖域) (remastered 2007)
Novela: Secret Love (12")
Novela: Brain of Balance (remastered 2002)
Takashi O'hashi Project: Neither Reality nor Fiction
大黒摩季 [Maki Ohguro]: Stop Motion (mcd)
大黒摩季: DA DA DA
大黒摩季: LA. LA. LA.
大黒摩季: Back Beats #2
大黒摩季 & Friends: Copy Band Generation Vol.1
大谷レイブン [Raven Ohtani]: Raven Eyes (LP)
奥井雅美 [Masami Okui]: NEEI
Omnibus - Collected by Ladies Room (v.a.)
Perpetual Dreamer: In Wonderland ~ 不思議の国のパペドリ
Pink Sapphire: P.S. I Love You
Pink Sapphire: From Me to You
Pink Sapphire: Happy Together
Pink Sapphire: Golden✭Best ~ P.S. I Love You
Pearl: No One Sees No One Hears No One Speaks
Pearl: Pearl
The Powernude: Extreme Carnival (mcd)
Princess Princess: Teleportation
Princess Princess: Here We Are
Princess Princess: Lovers
Princess Princess: Princess Princess
Princess Princess: Dolls in Action
Princess Princess: Bee-beep
Princess Princess: Majestic
Princess Princess: Singles 1987-1992
Princess Princess: Presents
Prism with Friends: Prism Jam
Rattlesnake: Samurai Crash (MCD)
Rebecca: Wild & Honey (reissue 1991/promo)
Rebecca: Rebecca IV ~Maybe Tomorrow~ (reissue 1994)
Rebecca: Olive
Rebecca: Super Girl (CD-single/promo)
Rebecca: Blond Saurus
Rebecca: 12inch Remix
Reg-Wink: Reg-Wink
Reg-Wink: Band on the Run
Rest in Peace ~Thanks to Cozy~ (tribute-cd)
Rose of Rose: First
Rosy Roxy Roller: Rose Buds
Sadistic Mica Band: 天晴
Sadistic Mica Band: 幕の内 (S.M.B Super Best)
Sadistik Mikaela Band: Narkissos (cd+dvd)
Samurai Metal Vol.4 (v.a.)
Samurai Metal Vol 6 (v.a.)
斉藤光浩 [Mitsuhiro Saitō]: Arise
斉藤光浩: Second
Scandal: Best✭Scandal
Scandal: 瞬間センチメンタル (cd-single)
Scandal: スキャンダルなんかブッ飛ばせ (cd-single)
Scandal: Temptation Box (reissue/FRA 2010)
Shara: Shara
Siltone: 風来のViodle (mcd)
The Silver Doggs: Sundance Kids
Silver Stars: Rape Noise (LP)
Slumlords: Har-dee-harhar (mcd)
Smile: 涙色 (cd-single)
Son House: Street Noise
Southern All Stars: みんなのうた (cd-single)
Southern All Stars: 真夏の果実 (cd-single)
Southern All Stars: 涙のキッス (cd-single)
Southern All Stars: エロティカ・セブン Erotica Seven (cd-single)
Southern All Stars: クリスマス・ラブ [涙のあとには白い雪が降る] (cd-single)
Southern All Stars: 素敵なバーディー No No Birdy (cd-single)
Southern All Stars: Young Love
Southern All Stars: Love Affair~秘密のデート (cd-single)
Southern All Stars: Tsunami (cd-single)
Starless: 銀の翼 (remastered 2001/promo)
Steffanie: Hideaway (remastered)
Steffanie: Pink Noise (remastered)
Steppen the Blue: Poizon Lover
Still Alive: Dynamix
Still Alive: No Reason to Pray
Stingray: Rain (remastered 2002/promo)
Stingray: Legend (mcd) (reissue 2002, 2 copies)
Stingray: The Best
Stingray: Heaven's Door
SuG: ☆ギミギミ☆ (cd-single)
Suzee★Suzy: Mystery Zone (12" pic-EP)
鈴木賢司 [Kenji Suzuki]: Electric・Guitar (12" EP)
鈴木賢司: 理由なき反抗 (12" EP)
鈴木彩子 [Saiko Suzuki]: 24の誓い
Symholic: 碧空に誓った終焉の剣 (MCD)
Symholic: 緋空に願った反逆の姫 (MCD)
Symholic: Zahnrad -翠空と導きの歯車- (MCD)
Symholic: 神楽へ宿す白雪巫女の魔瞳 (MCD)
Symholic: 鮮血に捧ぐ三度目の黒鏡 (MCD)
高浜裕輔 [Yusuke Takahama]: Prototype (reissue 1994)
寺田恵子 [Keiko Terada]: Body & Soul
寺田恵子: Invisible
寺田恵子: Out of Bounds
寺田恵子: Wonderground
寺田恵子/小早川美幸 with N: Thank You, Love/こんな晴れた午後は (split-8cm-cd)
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: TMGE 106 - The Best of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant: Last Heaven's Bootleg (2cd)
TMG [Tak Matsumoto Group]: Oh Japan ~Our Time Is Now~ (cd-single)
Toshi: Made in Heaven (8cm-cd)
Toshi: Paradise/Running Wild (8cm-cd)
Toshi with Night Hawks: Always ~伝えたい~ (8cm-cd)
Toshi: Grace
Transtic Nerve: Wake Up Your Mind's "Jesus" (cd-single/promo)
Tribute to Loudness: Rock'n Roll Crazy Night (tribute-cd)
Triceratops: King of the Jungle
True Crime (v.a.)
Unicorn: Have a Nice Day
Urghpolice: Urgh!
ヴィドール [Vidoll]: 美人形 [Bijinkei] (FRA)
ヴィドール: Chocoripeyes (cd-single)
Vienna: Overture~序章
Vision: Wondrous (promo)
Vow Wow: Helter Skelter/You're the One for Me (7")
Weiß Kreuz: Schlag des Herzens (mcd)
Who Do They Think We Are? A Tribute to Deep Purple from Japan (v.a.)
Wild Flag: Wild Flag
Wild Flag: Wild Flag (remastered 2006)
Wild Flag: Wild Flag (remastered 2011)
Wild Flag: Three Faces (mcd)
Wild Flag: Wild Land
Wild Flag: Wild Land (remastered)
Xanadu: Forever Ties
矢井田 瞳 [Hitomi Yaida]: 未完成のメロディ (cd-single+dvd)
野獣王国 [Yajū Ōkuko]: Candy
妖精帝国: Noble Roar (cd-single)
妖精帝国: 至純の残酷 (cd-single)
妖精帝国 Das Feenreich: 救世Άργυρός (cd-single)
You [足立祐二~Yūji Adachi]: Psychical Island
You: You's Alien
Ziggy: In with the Times
Ziggy: Gloria (8cm-cd)
Ziggy: Jealousy ~ジェラシー~ (8cm-cd)
Ziggy: Zoo & Ruby
Ziggy: Blond 007
Ziggy: What News?
Ziggy: Now and Forever
Zi:Kill: In the Hole