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TheLiberation's profile

Metal newbie 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Progressive, doom 

I mostly like music that's either atmospheric or heavy. If it's both, then you've probably got my attention.

My rating system:
100% - absolute masterpiece. I can think of three albums which deserve this.
95% - amazing and extraordinary in one way or another, just one step away from perfection.
90% - excellent, memorable and addictive album.
80% - very solid and very enjoyable.
70% - good, but a bit flawed or inconsistent.
60% - kinda enjoyable, but either significantly flawed or very inconsistent.
50% - the definition of uninteresting.
Everything below 50% - bad in an increasingly (according to the rating) painful way.
0% - absolutely zero good elements.

Also I tend to write too much and in too long and complex sentences, so please take that into account, as even though I try to keep it under control, in some cases it just somehow happens and is hard to eliminate; you know, complex sentences are kind of fun and also it's not that easy to split those into shorter ones, especially that short sentences are boring anyway. (Also I like parentheses. Can't help it.)