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TadakatsuH0nda's profile

Full name:
Joel W 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Any Melodic, Symphonic, Prog 

-You will find almost all of the bands I upload are from Japan, and other times I will be adding discographies or other missing band data to any random bands I encounter. You will also find me fixing errors within discographies and lineups when I catch them. But generally my specialty will be fixing images, hunting down new ones and touching up others.

-As of mid 2013 I keep backups of all important/obscure photos I've added to Japanese bands, so if an obscure photo has been replaced with something less than appealing, I may have a better one in my backups, or be able to hunt down a good replacement, feel free to ask.

-Feel free to contact me for help involving reports of any kind involving most bands, especially Japanese ones being my forte.


Bands I indirectly got onto the archives:
Christopher Lee


My additional collection consists mostly of old Canadian rock bands, as well as the following:
B'z - The Circle
Condition Green - Mixed Up
Condition Green - Life of Change
Gackt - The Sixth Day (Singles Collection)
Eastern Orbit - Future Force
Fact - A Fact of Life
Heavy Metal Force I & V (V.A. Compilations of Japanese metal bands)
Kings - Kings
Metal Warning (2LP band sampler compilation)
Rabbit - Eat Here or to go?
T-Square - Truth

Other albums or artists I want music from:
Heavy Metal Force III
Night Hawks
Jet Maybe
Blues Creation