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TadakatsuH0nda's profile

Full name:
Tachi Ikoma 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Any Melodic, Symphonic, Prog 

-You will find almost all of the bands I upload are from Japan, and other times I will be adding discographies or other missing band data to any random bands I encounter. You will also find me fixing errors within discographies and lineups when I catch them. But generally my specialty will be fixing images; hunting down new ones and touching up others. As for reviews, I will usually review things I really enjoy, though I'll occasionally review something I found to be a disappointment.

-As of mid 2013 I keep backups of all important/obscure photos I've added to Japanese bands, and many others, so if a Japanese band or album has a photo that's less than appealing, I may have a good replacement on hand.

-Feel free to contact me for help involving reports of any kind involving most bands, especially Japanese ones being my forte.

-If you can't find an old Japanese release and I have it in my collection, I'd be more than happy to share mp3s with you, as long as it's out of print and won't affect the band.


I'm a moderator on, so if there's some rare, out of print album or obscure demo you're dying to find in either a physical or digital format, we may be able to help you find what you're looking for, come check us out.


My additional collection consists mostly of old Canadian rock bands, as well as the following:
Uchusentai: Noiz - Legend of the Rock & Roll Heroes (Signed)
Uchusentai: Noiz - Meteors (Signed)
B'z - The Circle
Condition Green - Mixed Up
Condition Green - Life of Change
Gackt - The Sixth Day (Singles Collection)
Eastern Orbit - Future Force
Fact - A Fact of Life
Heavy Metal Force I (2000 copies, wooden crate sleeve)
Heavy Metal Force V
Kings - Kings
Metal Warning (2LP band sampler compilation)
Rabbit - Eat Here or to go?
T-Square - Truth
Earthshaker full band signed card
Reaction full band signed card
Animetal full band signed card (2006 lineup)
Onmyo-za full band signed photos (2 kinds)
Onmyo-za - ニュースおみょーん2004 (Promo news announcement CD)
Stingray - Rain/Rising single
With - Dancin' With Me (signed by With, as well as their friends Gargoyle)

Other albums I'm searching for:
Heavy Metal Force III
Starless - Silver Wings
Pageant - La Mosaique de la Reverie
George Murasaki & Mariner - Mariner One, Mariner Two: The Ancient Mariner
T.N.T (Jpn) Both 1984 demos, Tri Nitro Toluene and Dream Breaker