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Bands#1: Hit me up about TOURING

Bands#2: If you request a review without at least offering to provide a copy of your release in a physical format then you can FUCK OFF.



ABERRANT PATH - a death of reason to come (demo)

ABSU - the temples of offal (demo)


ABYSSIC HATE - a decade of hate

ABYSSUM - poizon of god

ACEPHALIX - interminable night (demo)

ACEPHALIX - flesh torn in twilight (demo)

ACHERON - those who have risen

ACHERONTAS - tat tvam asi

ACHERONTAS - theosis

ACHERONTAS - hermeticism (ep)

A.D.R. - circling

AFTERLIFE - surreality

AGALLOCH - marrow of the spirit

AKITSA - sang nordique

ALEPH NAUGHT - rituals

ALEPH NAUGHT - opus nigrum

ANCESTORS BLOOD - preparing for war (demo)

ANCESTORS BLOOD - when the forest calls e.p.

ANCESTORTOOTH - elephant boneyard (foldout poster)

ANGRY SAMOANS - yesterday started today

ANTAEUS - blood libels

ANTEDILUVIAN - primeval cyclical catastrophism (demo)

ANTHRAX - among the living

ANTHRAX - the sound of white noise

ANU - lll ep (screen-printed patch + black candle)

AOSOTH - ashes of angels

ARCHGOAT - whore of bethlehem

ARCHGOAT - the light-devouring darkness

ARMAGEDDA - only true believers

ASCENDED - the art of necromancy (demo)

ASCENDED - temple of dark offerings

ASCENSION - with burning tongues

ASH POOL - genital tomb

ASH BORER - ash borer

ASPHYX - the rack

ASPHYX - crush the cenotaph ep

ASPHYX - last one on earth

ASTROFAES - those who's past is immortal

ASTROFAES - idea. form. essence.

AUSTERE - to lay like old ashes

AUTOPSY - mental funeral

BAPHOMET - dead shall inherit

BACH - brandenburg concerto no. two

BEETHOVEN - piano concertos nos. three & five

BEETHOVEN - wellington's victory, op. 91


BEHERIT - the oath of black blood

BEHERIT - drawing down the moon

BENEDICTION - transcend the rubicon

BESTIA ARCANA - to anabainon ek tes abyssu (foldout-poster, cloth pouch)

BITCH - be my slave

BLACK CIRCLE - the distant wind

BLACK FLAG - damaged

BLACK FLAG - my war

BLACK FLAG - slip it in

BLACK FLAG - the process of weeding out

BLACK FLAG - who's got the 10 1/2?

BLACK SABBATH - black sabbath

BLACK SABBATH - sabotage

BLACK SABBATH - mob rules

BLACK SABBATH - headless cross

BLACK WITCHERY - desecration of the holy kingdom

BLASPHEMY - fallen angel of doom

BLASPHEMY - gods of war

BLESSED OFFAL - rehearsal demo

BLOOD FEAST - kill for pleasure

BLOOD FEAST - face fate

BLOOD FEAST - chopping block blues

BLOOD OF KINGU - de occulta philosophia

BLOOD RED FOG - harvest

BLOOD STAINED DUSK - continuence of evil

BOLT THROWER - the peel session

BOLT THROWER - warmaster

BRAIN TUMORS - brain tumors

BREATH OF CHAOS - they lay in stone houses

BRUTAL TRUTH - need to control

BRUTALITY - when the sky turns black

CANCER - death shall rise

CANCER - the sins of mankind

CANDLEMASS - ancient dreams

CANNIBAL CORPSE - bloodthirst

CARCASS - reek of putrefaction

CARCASS - symphonies of sickness

CARCASS - necroticism: descanting the insalubrious

CARCINOGEN - kure (demo)

CELESTIA - frigidiis apotheosia (demo)

CELESTIA - archaenae perfectii

CELTIC FROST - morbid tales/emperors return

CELTIC FROST - to mega therion

CELTIC FROST - into the pandemonium

CEMENT - cement

CEMETARY - an evil shade of gray

CENOTAPH - riding our black oceans




CONFESSOR - condemned

CONVULSE - reflections


COSMIC CHURCH - archana dei l (demo)


CREEPMIME - shadows

CRIMSON GLORY - strange and beautiful

CRIMSON MOON - into the nocturnal forest (demo)

CRISIS - deathshead extermination

CRO-MAGS - the age of quarrel

CRO-MAGS - alpha and omega

CROWNTHORN - in the name of moonlight

CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - speak your peace

D.R.I. - the dirty rotten lp

DAMAGES - demo

DARK ANGEL - darkness descends

DARK ANGEL - leave scars

DARK ANGEL- time does not heal

DARKEST GROVE - the rudimentary of pessimism

DARKTHRONE - soulside journey

DARKTHRONE - a blaze in the northern sky

DARKTHULE - summon thee to awake the ancient past

DATURA - kaput (demo)

DEAD CONGREGATION - graves of the archangels


DEAD REPTILE SHRINE - burning black infinity

DEATH - spiritual healing

DEATH ANGEL - the ultra-violence

DEATH ANGEL - frolic through the park

DEATHROW - the beginning of the end (demo)

DECEASED- the blueprints for madness

DECREPITAPH - beyond the cursed tombs

DECREPITAPH - conjuring chaos ep

DEFECATION - purity dilution

DEFIANCE - product of society

DEICIDE - deicide

DEICIDE - legion

DEMILICH - nespithe

DEMOLITION HAMMER - tortured existence

DEMONCY - faustian dawn (demo)

DEMONCY - joined in darkness (bootleg)

DERKETA - the unholy ground (demo)

DESTRUCTION - release from agony

DESTRUCTION - cracked brain

DETERIORATE - rotting in hell

DEVASTATION - violent termination

DEVASTATION - idolatry

DEVIANT - tools of termination (demo)

DEVIATED INSTINCT - return of frost (demo)

DEVIATED INSTINCT- guttural breath

DIABOLIC - city of the dead (demo)

DIATHRA - wistful autumn dance

DISASTROUS MURMUR - rhapsodies in red

DISCIPLES OF POWER - invincible enemy

DISEMBOWELMENT - transcendence into the peripheral

DISINCARNATE - dreams of the carrion kind

DISMA- the vault of membros (demo)

DISMEMBER - like an ever-flowing stream

DISMEMBER - pieces ep

DISMEMBER - indecent and obscene

DISMEMBERED FETUS - I don't feel so fuckin' good (demo)

DISPIRIT - rehearsal at oboroten (demo)

DISSECTION - reinkaos

DISSEMINATE - 1998 demo

DIVINE EVE - as the angels weep ep

DOOM SNAKE CULT - love, sorrow, doom

DROUGHT - lost in the desert (demo)

DROUGHT - drought

DROWNING THE LIGHT - through the noose of existence

DROWNING THE LIGHT - the blood of the ancients

DROWNING THE LIGHT - an alignment of dead stars

DRUIDS - pray for water (demo)

EMBRACE OF THORNS - atonement ritual

EMPEROR - anthems to the welkin at dusk

ENSHADOWED- awaken the undead

ENSNARED - 2011 demo

ENTOMBED - left hand path

ENTRAILS - reborn

ENTROPY - tangled human complex

ESOTERICA - a home for rats (demo)

EVILFEAST - mysteries of the nocturnal forest

EVILFEAST - funeral sorcery

EVILWINGED - crush the human factor (demo)

EVOKEN - shades of night descending (demo)

EXCESSUM - bleed eternally (rehearsal demo)

EXCESSUM - death redemption

EXECUTED - sorrow and death (demo)

EXODUS - bonded by blood

EXODUS - fabulous disaster

FALSE//BARGHEST - split tape

FATES WARNING - the spectre within


FATES WARNING - parallels


FELL VOICES - 1st demo

FELL VOICES//ASH BORER - tour split tape

FIRTH OF DAMNATION - times of distress

FIRTH OF DAMNATION - carpe noctum

FIRTH OF DAMNATION - crossing the unhallowed path

FORBIDDEN CITADEL OF SPIRITS - my goats are all corpses (demo)

FORBIDDEN CITADEL OF SPIRITS - wandering through.. (demo)

FORCED ENTRY - uncertain future

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE - death is coming

FROSTMOON ECLIPSE - life is fading away (ep)

FUNEREAL MOON - evil night of heresy

FUNEREUS - embrace the unholy spirit (demo)

FUNEREUS - bestial invocation ep

FUNEREUS - profane rite of morbid glorification

GAMMACIDE - victims of science

GENESIS - ..and then there was three

GHOUL - splatterthrash

GOATLORD - reflections of the solstice

GOATMOON - varjot

GODFLESH - slavestate


GODFLESH - songs of love and hate

GOREAPHOBIA - omen of masochism (demo)

GOREFEST - false

GORGUTS - considered dead

GORGUTS - the erosion of sanity

GRAVE - into the grave

GRAVE - you'll never see..

GRAVE - soulless

GRAVE UPHEAVAL - demo 2010

GRAVELAND - in the glare of burning churches (demo)

GRAVELAND - the celtic winter (demo)

GRAVELAND - carpathian wolves

GRAVELAND - thousand swords

GRAVELAND - immortal pride

GRIM DESTROYER - nostalgia of the dead (demo)

GRINDER - nothing is sacred

HAETHEN - wanderer (demo)

HATE FOREST - to those who came before us

HATE FOREST - blood & fire

HATE FOREST - purity

HATE FOREST - battlefields

HATE FOREST - sorrow

HEATHEN - breaking the silence

HEATHEN - victims of deception

HELLIGE - god (demo)


HELMET - meantime

HEXX - morbid reality

HEXENWALD - nordland okkult mysterium


HORRENDOUS - sweet blasphemies (demo)

HUSKER DU - candy apple grey

HYPOCRISY - obscenum osculum


IMMOLATION - dawn of possession

IMMORTAL - diabolical fullmoon mysticism

IMPETIGO - horror of the zombies

IMPIOUS HAVOC - the great day of wrath

IMPIOUS HAVOC - monuments of suffering (demo)

IMPURE - in disrespect to mankind

IN RUINS - in the breath of the wind

INCANTATION - onward to golgotha

INCARRION - into the exposed abyss ep

INFERNUM - taur-nu-fuin

INFERNUM - farewell

INHUMATE - expulsion

INHUMATE - growth

INSANITY - death after death

INQUISITION - magnificent glorification of lucifer

IRON MAIDEN - killers

IRON MAIDEN - piece of time

ISOLATION- a prayer for the world to end (demo)


JUDAS ISCARIOT - heaven in flames

JUDAS ISCARIOT - to embrace the corpses bleeding

JUDAS PRIEST - unleashed in the east

JUDAS PRIEST - british steel

JUDAS PRIEST - painkiller

KATHARSIS - fourth reich (ep)

KHORS - return to abandoned

KING CRIMSON - discipline

KING DIAMOND - conspiracy

KING DIAMOND - the eye


KOMMANDANT - kontakt

KOMMANDANT - stormlegion

KREATOR - terrible certainty

KREATOR - extreme aggression

KREATOR - coma of souls

KREATOR - renewal

KYLA - glory of negativity

KYLESA - to walk a middle course

LACERATION - realms of the unconscious (demo)


LETHAL PRAYER - thee unholy sacraments (demo)


LITTER - distortions


LUCIFERIAN RITES - rehearsal demo

LUDICHRIST - powertrip

LUNATIC GODS - the wilderness

M.D.C. - smoke signals

MALEDICERE - black prosperity and hate


MANDATORY - in torment

MANIAC BUTCHER - immortal death

MANGLER - are you ready for something like that? (demo)

MARBLEBOG - forestheart

MARBLEBOG - nostalgic moods in grimwoods/arhat (demo)

MEAT PUPPETS - forbidden places

MEATHOOK SEED - embedded

MEDUSA - en raga sul

MEGADETH - peace sells..but who's buying?

MEGADETH - countdown to extinction

MENACE RUINE - in vulva infernum (demo)

MERCYFUL FATE - the beginning

MESHUGGAH - none (ep)

MIDWYNTER - into the well of the wyrd

MINISTRY - the mind is a terrible thing to taste

MINISTRY - in case you didn't feel like showing up (live)

MINISTRY - psalm 69

MINISTRY - filth pig

MINUTEMEN - what makes a man start fires?

MISCREANT - inside the beyond (demo)

MISFITS - legacy of brutality

MONARQUE - ad nauseam

MONARQUE - la mort (demo)

MONSTROSITY - imperial doom

MOONBLOOD - blut und krieg (bootleg)

MOONTOWER - to the dark aeon

MORBID - december moon (demo, bootleg)

MORBID ANGEL - altars of madness

MORBID ANGEL - blessed are the sick

MORBID ANGEL - covenant

MORBID ANGEL - formulas fatal to the flesh

MORBID SAINT - spectrum of death

MORGOTH - resurrection absurd

MORGOTH - the eternal fall

MORGOTH - cursed

MORGUE - eroded thoughts

MORPHEUS DESCENDS - ritual of infinity

MORSER - two hours to doom

MORTA SKULD - prolong the agony (demo)

*MORTAL SIN - face of despair

MORTIFICATION - primitive rhythm machine

MORTUARY - blackened images

MOTORHEAD - orgasmatron


MUTIILATION - black imperial blood, travel (bootleg)


MYTHIC - the immortal realm (demo)

MYTHIC - mourning in the winter solstice (ep)


NAPALM DEATH - from enslavement to obliteration

NAPALM DEATH - the peel sessions

NAPALM DEATH - harmony corruption

NAPALM DEATH - utopia banished

NAPALM DEATH - fear, emptiness, despair

NAPALM DEATH - greed killing

NARGAROTH - black metal 1st krieg

NASTY SAVAGE - indulgence + abstract reality (ep)

NASTY SAVAGE - nasty savage

NAXZUL - totem

NAXZUL - black seed

NAXZUL - iconoclast

NECROPSY - endless aggression

NECROS CHRISTOS - black mass desecration (demo)


NETHERVOID - templar of the judas goat (demo)

NEUROSIS - through silver in blood

NIGHT FEVER - new blood

NO PLEASURE IN LIFE - happiness is not an option (demo)

NOCTURNAL BLOOD - true spirit of old (demo)

NOKTURNAL MORTUM - lunar poetry



NORTHAUNT - barren lands

NORTHLESS - leaving the wolves (demo)

NOX INFERI - adverse spheres

NUCLEAR ASSAULT - handle with care

NUMSKULL - ritual abuse


NYKTALGIA - nyktalgia

NYKTALGIA - peisenthanatos

OBITUARY - slowly we rot

OBSESSOR - obsession (demo)

OLD WAINDS - scalding coldness


ORM - doom messiah

ORGANIC INFEST - penitence

OSSUARY - silence means gold

OVERKILL - taking over

OVERKILL - horrorscope

OVERKILL - i hear black

OWL'S BLOOD - lunar equilibrium (demo)

PAGAN HAMMER - pagan wolves

PAGAN HAMMER - foresight

PALE DIVINE - crimson tears (demo)

PALLBEARER - 2010 demo

PARADOX - product of imagination

PAYSAGE D'HIVER - winterkalte (demo)

PERSONA PROJECTOR - first ep/live

PERVERSOR - the shadow of abomination (ep)

PEST - tenebris obortis

PESTILENCE - consuming impulse

PESTILENCE - testimony of the ancients

PESTILENCE - spheres

PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS - embrace after death

PITCHSHIFTER - industrial


POLTERGEIST - behind my mask

PORTAL - seepia

PORTAL - outre'

PORTAL - swarth

POSSESSED - seven churches

PRIMEVAL MASS - enlightened black gnosis

PRIMEVAL MASS - atermon (demo)

PROCLAMATION - black conjuration (rehearsal)

PSYCHOPATH WITCH - stench of human hallucinosis (demo)

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. - the flowers of romance

PUNGENT STENCH - for god your soul..for me your flesh


PUTRID - mmx (demo)

QUEENSRYCHE - queensryche

QUEENSRYCHE - rage for order

RACHMANINOFF - piano concertos no. two

RAZOR - violent restitution

RESURRECTION - embalmed existence

REPULSION - horrified

RIDDLE OF MEANDER - end of all life and creation

RIDE FOR REVENGE - the king of snakes

RIDE FOR REVENGE - wisdom of the few

RIPPING CORPSE - dreaming with the dead

RITUAL - the summoning

ROBBED TOMB - in foreboding evil (demo)

ROLLINS BAND - life time


ROTTREVORE - the epitome of pantalgia (demo)

RUSH - hemispheres

SABBAT - dreamweaver

SACRED REICH - ignorance

SACRED REICH - independent

SACRILEGE - within the prophecy

SADISTIC INTENT - impending doom (ep)

SADUS - illusions (chemical exposure)

SADUS - swallowed in black

SADUS - a vision of misery

SAMHAIN - initium

SAMHAIN - november coming fire

SARGANATAS - the enlightenment

SAVATAGE - gutter ballet

SCABPICKER - vaginal abduction (demo)

SCHUBERT - trout quintet


*SEARING SKULL - inlandsis

SECRETS SHE KEPT - la fin absolue de monde

SEPSISM - severe carnal butchery (demo)

SEPULTURA - morbid visions + bestial devasation ep

SEPULTURA - beneath the remains

SEPULTURA - chaos a.d.

SEPULTURA - blood rooted

SERAPH - demo

SERMON OF FOULNESS - the jericho drifter

SET - dominous profanum (demo)

SEX PISTOLS - nevermind the bollocks

SEX PISTOLS - better live than dead

SEXTRASH - sexual carnage (bootleg)

SILENCER - death, pierce me

SINDROME - vault of inner conscience (demo)


SKINWALKER - demo 2007

SLAUGHTER STRIKE - winter's agony (demo)

SLAYER - show no mercy

SLAYER - haunting the chapel ep

SLAYER - live undead

SLAYER - live undead + haunting the chapel

SLAYER - hell awaits

SLAYER - reign in blood

SLAYER - south of heaven

SLAYER - seasons in the abyss

SMOKE - haze (demo)

SODOM - persecution mania

SODOM - agent orange

SODOM - better off dead

SOLSTICE - mcmxcll (demo, bootleg)

SOLSTICE - drunken dungeon session (bootleg)

SPIRE - metamorph (demo)


SPLATTERED CADAVER - merciless butchery

STERBEND - dwelling lifeless

STRAVINSKY - the rite of spring: ny philharmonic orchestra

STREIGHTS - orphaned

STRONGBLOOD - crooked cross 2009 (demo)

STRONGBLOOD - the night is my whore (demo)

SUFFERANCE - 1990 demo

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - suicidal tendencies

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - the art of rebellion

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - suicidal for life

SUFFOCATION - human waste (ep)

SUTEKH HEXEN - luciform

SWALLOWED - epitaph of nauseation (demo)

SWALLOWED - three song demo 2010

SWELLS - demo 2011 (foldout poster)


TANGERINE DREAM - stratosfear

TANGERINE DREAM - tyranny of beauty

TCHAIKOVSKY - symphony no. five

TCHAIKOVSKY - overture, op. 49

TERRORIZER - world downfall

TESTAMENT - souls of black

THA-NORR - wolfenzeitalter

THERION - of darkness

THORNS - thorns

THORNS BLADE - thorns blade (demo)

THORNSPAWN - altars of perversed flesh

TIAMAT - the astral sleep

TIAMAT - wildhoney

*TIME CRYPT - cruel science (demo)

TOIL - obscure chasms

TOMB OF - the rotting break (demo)

TOMB OF - those dismal moments (demo)

TOMHET - desolate palace

TORTURE SQUAD - a soul in hell (demo)

TRAGEDY - tragedy

UNLEASHED - where no life dwells


UNSANE - singles

UNTO ACTU - inexistence

VARATHRON - his majesty at the swamp

VASSAFOR - promo mmx (demo)

VASTUM - carnal law (demo)

VELES - night on the bare mountain

VELES - black hateful metal

VELVET UNDERGROUND - white light, white heat

VELVET UNDERGROUND - the velvet underground

VENOM - black metal

VENOM - at war with satan

VENOM - calm before the storm

VIO-LENCE - oppressing the masses

VIVALDI - the four seasons

VITAL REMAINS - reduced to ashes (demo)

VITAL REMAINS - excruciating pain (demo)

VITAL REMAINS - let us prey

VLAD TEPES - war funeral march (bootleg)

VOIVOD - dimension hatross

VOIVOD - nothingface

VOIVOD - angel rat

VOIVOD - negatron

VROLOK - 2007 demo

WEAKLING - live rehearsal tape (demo)

WEAKLING - dead as dreams (bootleg)

WINTERFYLLETH - the ghost of heritage

WOLVSERPENT - perigea (demo)

WOODS OF DESOLATION - toward the depths

WOODS OF YPRES - against the seasons (ep)

WRATH - nothing to fear

WYRD - heathen

WYRD - the ghost album

XASTHUR - suicide in dark serenity (ep)

XIBALBA - demo 2010

ZEBULON PIKE - keep it real (demo)

ZENI GEVA - desire for agony

ZENI GEVA - freedom bondage

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