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Metal newbie 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):

Anime fan who LOVES Metal and video games. I'm not a weeaboo, and I don't consider myself an otaku, either - I simply consider myself an anime fan. My favorite series is currently Dragonaut the Resonance. Want me to recommend a title? Shoot me a message with a description of what you'd like to see in an anime. I'll see what I can find.

Expect me to name drop at least 1 anime in every one of my reviews (if I can find a way). So far, I've only done 2 reviews where I did not name drop an anime (1 of which was made before I adopted this system; the other I just forgot to name drop an anime).

Rating system (and what anime is the equivalent of an album that gets that score - this will be updated as I watch more titles; consider this a "mini-anime recommendation" of sorts:
0% - Eiken
1-10% - Either School Days (for the more brutal stuff) or Mars of Destruction (For the more melodic stuff)
11-20% - Doroko Chan
21-30% - Pupa
31-40% - Elfen Lied
41-50% - Master of Martial Hearts
51-60% - Either Pokemon (Kanto-Hoenn regions) for the more brutal stuff or Cat Planet Cuties for the more melodic stuff
61-70% - Kill La Kill
71-80% - Either Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds (for the more brutal stuff) or Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V (for the more melodic stuff)
81-90% - Soul Eater
91-99% - Either Sword Art Online (Aincard Arc) for the more melodic stuff or Akame ga Kill (based on what I've seen so far) for the more brutal stuff
100% - Either Dragonaut the Resonance (for the more melodic stuff) or Neon Genesis Evangelion (for the more brutal stuff)

My Steam Account and Nintendo Network ID are the same name as my profile for this site - feel free to add me if you want to. Want my 3DS friend code? Message me with yours and I'll send mine back.