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Metal newbie 
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United States 
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Technical Death Metal 

I hate ignorance. I also hate pretentious bullshit. Betrolt Brecht once claimed that the worst illiterate was the political illiterate. Blah blah blah. Uh...fuck conservatives! :D I like to question like Socrates and listen like Nick Carroway (sorry for the fucking stupid hippy attitude) Many a time do I remain quiet in public only asking questions and do they answer with fervor! I am fascinated and utterly repulsed by the sheeplikeness of my generation.

I actively read Philosophy, which is one of my passions. To broaden my views, and help me pursuit wisdom and acquire virtue in the process, I read Philosophy, and try to incorporate them into lyrics as well. I always read the lyrics before/while listening to a metal band. I was disappointed and heartbroken when I came to the realization that "most" metal lovers did not appreciate/discuss/care about lyrics as much as I expected. I find most modern thrash metal, power metal, melodic "technical death" metal (most of it is garbage that passes for "tech death metal" today) boring and unbelievably annoying and insulting, with music as boring/non-stimulating as their lyrics.
Thus, for art, literature and something as important as metal, I abhor the stupid, the politically incorrect, and the simple-minded. Willing to argue with you about anything involving these subjects.