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Necrofeaster666's profile

United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black/Death/Thrash/Grind etc. 

Well just a long time fan of Underground Metal as well as other good music too both Extreme and Underground or music with cultural impact with a purpose as oppose to a corporate product for money. I typically love Old School Death Metal and Black Metal, Thrash, Doom Speed Metal for the most part and other sub genres I like outside of Metal are Punk, 80s Hardcore, Crust Punk, Powerviolence, Goregrind, Noise, Dark Ambient, Rockabillia, Psychedelic, Horror Punk and more. I'm pretty diverse in taste but at the same time distinguish between good music and shitty music.

Some of my favorite bands that I have an incredible fandom to are King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Macabre, Necrophagia(Ohio), Master(anything with Speckmann includes Abomination, Death Strike, Krabathor, Speckmann Project etc), Massacre, Profanatica, Havohej, Beherit, Blasphemy, Ravencult, Zemial, Inquisition, Venom, Bathory(rip), Imprecation, Blaspherian, Infernal Dominon, War Master, Termination Force, Morbus 666, Bahimoron, Adumus, Hod, Aus Rotten, Amebix, Avskum, Disfear, Sodom, Destruction, Living Death, Assassin, Necronomicon(Ger), Violent Force, Iron Angel, Kreator, Exumer, Deathrow(Ger), Desaster(Ger), Nocturnal(Ger), Holy Moses, Atrophy, Sabbat(UK), Razor, Infernäl Mäjesty, Onslaught, Tankard, Invocator, Anacrusis, Hirax, DRI, SOD, MOD, Excel, Ludichrist, Uncle Slam, Deadhorse, Minor Threat, The Exploited, English Dogs, GBH, Discharge, The Adicts, The Clash, Bad Brains, Hellbastard, Inepsy, Warfare, Tank, Chateaux, Angel Witch, Raven, Motörhead, Witch Cross, Anvil, Runnig Wild, Autopsy, Incantation, Asphyx, Ignivomous, Vasaeleth, Grave Ritual, Repulsion, Impetigo, Anal Cunt(rip), Vaginal Jesus, General Surgery, Haemorrhage, Dead Infection, Squash Bowel, Last Days Of Humanity, Torsofuck, Lymphatic Phlegm, Oxidized Razor, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Rompeprop, Hipermenorrea, Carnal Diafragma, and tons more I feel real bad leaving things out but I can't have a giant list.