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NWOAHM666's profile

Favourite metal genre(s):
Thrash, Death, Industrial 

I am an engineering student who reviews albums in his free time. I rarely, if ever, use the forums, so don't bother PMing me.

As for my story, I discovered this website during my sophomore year in high school. My username was intended as a pure joke since back in the day, I was sick to death of reading heated internet arguments between ignorant kids and closedminded elitists (I eventually stopped caring). Like many things one does in high school, it was not a good idea.

I began listening to traditional heavy metal around the age of 12 (at the time, I unfortunately also listened to some mallcore). Upon entering high school I started listening to hardcore, groove metal and some death metal, and eventually I turned more to thrash metal and crossover, as well as industrial music. I still listen and keep a strong interest in hardcore, which can be perceived occasionally by my reviews.

I review mostly new albums, albums that haven't been reviewed yet or have few reviews and a few albums that I find either great or terrible. Many of these "new album" reviews aren't that "new" but I've kept them in the oven for months or sometimes years and I finally brought them to public because I've finally quit being such a lazy fuck.

Favourite bands:

1. Testament
2. Integrity*
3. Sacred Reich
4. Deicide
5. Suffocation
6. Cro-Mags
7. Celtic Frost
8. Slayer
9. Pantera
10. Napalm Death
11. Bolt Thrower
12. Bestial Warlust
13. Godflesh
14. Brujeria
15. Demolition Hammer
16. Exodus
17. Obituary
18. Fear Factory
19. Terrorizer
20. Mayhem

*not featured in this site

Do not consider this list to be overly accurate, its sole purpose is to give a better insight at my favourite bands than the genre description above. There are also bands I really like but spend ages without ever listening to, so they might not get included.