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Niccolo (aka: strade32)  
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Varies with time... 

I may be young, but I take my music very seriously. I don't just search for musical aptitude or anthemic catchiness; there's a certain "emotion" factor I always seek, as well. I need to feel something when I hear these intricate metal symphonies, and if I'm not moved by their offerings, then those albums won't be moved very often from my shelf.

My tastes continue to evolve and expand into new genres. I often take to music of a melodic nature, especially progressive and power metal, and more recently death metal acts. I'm also beginning to get really into some black metal (particularly those that incorporate post-rock and atmospheric elements), and I'm also a fan of the more melodic corners of thrash metal. My favorite 'past bands' are Crimson Glory, King Diamond, Fates Warning, Iron Maiden, and Queensryche; my current 'Big 5' are Agalloch, Enslaved, Gojira, Anubis Gate, and Septicflesh.

I also listen to many non-metal bands. My favorites include Concrete Blonde, The Smiths, Talk Talk, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Ratings aren't just handed out, either. Take it seriously when I give something a 100%, because I mean it (only 10-15 I'd give the score to that I've heard).

The system:
100% (a stunning testament to the existence of perfection; own or die!)
95-98% (a masterful display of the genre in question; must have)
93-85% (a flaw or two, but still quite brilliant; a must for a fan of the genre)
83-75% (Good, but not first class in some respects; well worth a look)
73-62% (A decent, yet somewhat mediocre release; may be worth it for an avid fan of the genre or band)
60-52% (An entirely mediocre effort that at least doesn't offend; pass)
50-42% (Starting to get annoying, and may leave a bitter taste; avoid)
40-32% (Bad - it may hint at quality of some kind, but a record with this score could be tossed away at no loss; avoid it disapprovingly)
30-22% (Not worth the pain of its endurance: nearly terrible in every way; curse it in the name of your deity)
20-12% (You feel insulted (and audially assaulted) by such a worthless, cash-grabbing album like this. May cause fierce rejection of your lunch; burn it)
10-2% (Thoroughly unlistenable due to its presentation, ideas, or the music itself - the dregs of music that shall give you nightmares; pretend it doesn't exist so that you can manage to sleep at night)
0% (A farce of such cosmic proportions, that I myself doubt it even exists. Probably fatal or toxic in some way, or a lost Metal Interprises album; just walk away and ignite the detonator behind you)

If you don't (or do) like any of my opinions or just want to ask me something, PM me. I look forward to seeing your comments...