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KingSpooky's profile

Metal freak 
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Traditional HM, Thrash, NWOBHM 

A lot of the metal albums and demos that I keep in regular circulation are listed under 'collection.' Some other awesome music:

Agora '2'
Ain Soph 'A Story of Mysterious Forest'
Al Di Meola (compilation '76-'80) and 'Elegant Gypsy'
Alkana 'Welcome to My Paradise'
Anthony Phillips 'Private Parts & Pieces' Part 1 & 2
Arti E Mestieri 'Tilt' 'Giro Di Valzer Per Domani'
Ash Ra Tempel (compilation)
Association 'Earwax'
Babe Ruth 'First Base'
Billy Cobham 'Spectrum'
Birth Control 'Hoodoo Man' 'Operation' 'Plastic People' 'Rebirth' 'Count on Dracula' 'Bang'
Black Widow 'Sacrifice'
Blakulla 'Self-Titled'
Bloomfield/Cooper/Stills 'Super Session'
Blue Oyster Cult (compilation)
Blue Phantom 'Distortions'
Bo Hansson 'Music Inspired By Lord of the Rings'
Bodkin 'Self-Titled'
Boston 'Self-Titled'
Bram Stoker 'Heavy Rock Spectacular'
Bruno Nicolai (compilation)
Camel 'Mirage' 'Moonmadness' 'Self-Titled' 'The Snow Goose' 'Rain Dances'
Chemical Alice 'Curiouser & Curiouser'
Cherry Five 'Self-Titled'
Climax 'Gusano Mecanico'
Coven 'Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls'
Cryer 'The Single' 7"
Cybotron 'Colossus'
Czar 'Self-Titled'
Diabolic Possession reh/demo '89
Dust 'Self-Titled'
Earthless 'Rhythms From a Cosmic Sky' 'Sonic Prayer' 'In a Dutch Haze'
Etna 'Self-Titled'
Eyespell demo '86
Fabio Frizzi 'The Beyond/sdtk' 'The Gates of Hell/sdtk'
Fastway 'Trick or Treat/sdtk'
Focus (compilation '70-'74)
Frank Zappa 'The Grand Wazoo' 'Guitar' 'Hot Rats' 'One Size Fits All' 'Sheik Yerbouti' 'Shut Up n' Play Yer Guitar' 'Trance-Fusion' 'You Are What You Is'
Fuhrs & Frohling 'Ammerland'
Fuse 'Self-Titled'
Fuzzy Duck 'Self-Titled'
Gary Moore 'Victims of the Future'
Goblin (compilation) and 'Patrick' 'Profondo Rosso' 'Roller' 'Zombi'
Golden Earring 'Moontan'
Greg Howe 'Self-Titled'
The Gun 'Self-Titled'
Hawkwind 'Warrior On the Edge of Time' 'Hall of the Mountain Grill'
Hellborg/Lane/Sipe 'Personae'
Hero (Den) 'Self-Titled'
Hiro Yanagida 'Milk Time'
Iceberg 'Sentiments' 'Coses Nostres'
Jack DeJohnette 'Sorcery'
Jan Akkerman tracks '72/'74
Jeff Beck 'Wired'
Jefferson Airplane 'Surrealistic Pillow'
Jethro Tull 'Aqualung'
John Abercrombie 'Timeless'
John McLaughlin 'Devotion'
Jurgen Knieper 'Music By...' (soundtrack for River's Edge and 2 other films)
Kimio Mizutani 'A Path Through Haze'
King Crimson 'In the Court of the Crimson King' 'Red'
KISS (compilation) and 'Ace Frehley' 'Destroyer' 'Unmasked' 'Alive II'
Krysis (uk) 3-song demo '8?
The Lords 'Death Bells At Dawn' 7"
Lotus (Swe) 'Self-Titled'
Mahavishnu Orchestra tracks '71/'73
Mammatus 'Self-Titled'
Marillion 'Misplaced Childhood' 'Clutching At Straws'
May Blitz tracks '70/'71
Message 'From Books and Dreams'
Mike Oldfield 'Hergest Ridge' 'Tubular Bells'
Misako Honjoh (compilation '83/'84)
Moody Blues 'In Search of the Lost Chord' 'To Our Children's Children's Children'
Nascita Della Sfera 'Per Una Scultura di Ceschia'
Nektar 'Remember the Future'
New Trolls tracks '71-'73
Omega 'III' 'Gammapolis'
Pendragon 'Fly High, Fall Far' 'The Jewel'
Peter Banks 'Two Sides of Peter Banks'
Piero Umiliani (compilation)
Pink Floyd 'Piper At the Gates of Dawn' 'A Saucerful of Secrets' 'Meddle' 'Animals'
Pinnacle 'Assassin'
Renaissance 'Turn of the Cards'
Return to Forever 'Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy'
Riz Ortolani (compilation)
SBB (compilation '75/'81)
Secret Oyster 'Sea Son' 'Self-Titled'
Shawn Lane (compilation)
Spirit 'Time Circle' compilation
Stephen 'Chimere' 7"
Steve Hackett 'Spectral Mornings'
Stravinsky 'The Rite of Spring'
Syd Dale (compilation)
Tangerine Dream (compilation) and 'Cyclone'
Todd Rundgren's Utopia 'Self-Titled'
Uriah Heep 'Demons and Wizards' 'Look at Yourself'
Valhalla (uk) 'Coming Home' 7"
Wallenstein 'Blitzkrieg'
Werwolf (Ger) demo '79
White Witch 'Self-Titled'
Wishbone Ash 'Self-Titled' 'Argus'
Yes 'Relayer'
Yezda Urfa 'Boris'
Zebulon '1980'