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United States 

My review rating system (numbering is a bit odd):

100%: Really only a theoretical score at this point, but potentially, a perfect album.
88-99%: Great album. Top-tier stuff, some flaws but not enough to detract much from the album. Essential for all.
77-87%: Very good album. Either second-tier stuff, or a mostly top-tier album with some shoddy songs. Highly recommended for fans of the subgenre.
69-76%: Fairly solid album. Worth hearing, but enough flaws to significantly detract from the experience, or perhaps not very consistent. Third-tier stuff.
61-68%: Slightly listenable album. Either more than half of it isn't worthwhile or the entire album has only a handful of redeeming qualities. Not worth hearing in full.
51-60%: Mediocre album. Might have a redeeming quality or two, but nothing that ever puts it into listenable territory. Usually not actively bad, just boring in some way.
26-50%: Garbage. No redeeming qualities, and there have to be flaws that put it below even the most mediocre of albums. Not worth hearing at all for any reason.
0-25%: Pure aural agony. Listening to the album for any length of time is actively painful. Egregiously bad in multiple facets.

My top 10 metal albums are as follows, currently:

1. Holocaust - Covenant
2. Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian
3. Slauter Xstroyes - Winter Kill
4. Psychotic Waltz - A Social Grace
5. Virgin Steele - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part I
6. Adramelch - Irae Melanox
7. Matthias Steele - Haunting Tales of a Warrior's Past
8. Satan's Host - Virgin Sails
9. Tales of Medusa - Triumphant Serenade
10. Omen - Battle Cry

Note that this list is subject to change, although it's not likely to be frequent. Note that this is also not a list of favorite albums in any category, which would likely include two or three others.