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HellFire Dragon's profile

Metal newbie 
Email address:
United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black metal, Death metal, 

Hello. I'm a black metal and death metal/brutal death metal, doom metal, metalcore, thrash metal fan and hope to make contributions here...
I never buy music downloads, I buy CD and vinyl only...though I prefer to listen to music on YouTube or Spotify before buying.
New music suggestions are welcome, please recommend bands to me, I am open minded...otherwise I'll be here, browsing the never ending list of awesome metal bands.
I am currently writing reviews, but my time to do so is limited so don't expect any more than one a month.
Currently I'm writing brutal death metal, deathcore, black metal, hardcore punk/metalcore and old style death metal lyrics which I hope to turn into a full musical project, though I currently I am the only member and may need more musicians to help me. Names of my projects are:

- Our Last Hope/Deeds of Scorn - (deathcore)
- Past Malice/Indecision - (metalcore)
- Torn Flesh/Morbid Disfigurement - (brutal death metal)
- Perish in Darkness - (black metal)
- Draconian Anger/Draconic Fury - (melodic death metal)
- Skeletal Decay - (death metal)
- Scorched Iron Fist - (thrash metal)
- Dissident - (hardcore punk)

Also look for my alternate account on here under the name Jacob Hellflames (this is not for sockpuppetry or breaking any rules I promise the admins that.)