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HellFire Dragon's profile

Email address:
United Kingdom 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death, black, thrash etc. 

Hello, I'm HellFire Dragon. I'm a black metal, death metal/brutal death metal, doom metal, metalcore, deathcore, thrash metal fan and hope to make contributions here...

Memorable dates on here:
Tuesday 18th November 2014 - reached rank of Metalhead.
Wednesday 17th December 2014 - passed 200 points.
Current user ranking: 2559 (may definitely drop during periods of inactivity)

My goal on this site is to reach the rank of Veteran before the end of 2015.

I am also a moderate fan of djent, but not so much bands like Meshuggah as I find their music boring, I like djent bands such as Periphery and Monuments. I also like some old school hard rock such as AC/DC and that's pretty much it.

I don't currently have a website but when I do it will probably be for my Jacob Hellflames profile rather than HellFire Dragon.

I never buy music downloads, I buy CD and vinyl only...though I prefer to listen to music on YouTube or Spotify before buying. Partly because I don't really have much money for music these days, seeing as I have no job.
New music suggestions are welcome, please recommend bands to me, I am open minded...otherwise I'll be here, browsing the never ending list of awesome metal bands.

I am currently writing reviews, but my time to do so is limited so don't expect any more than one a month or it may be even less. I have managed to improve my reviewing skills since I first joined, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement.

I like to do reviews for albums that haven't previously received any reviews, so if my reviews appear to be random that is because of YouTube suggestions and just my general habit of wanting to be the first to submit a review for a band.

I also like to write Wikipedia pages for bands that I can find good sources on. Bands listed here that I've written Wikipedia pages for include:
Necrowretch, Amputated, Starkill, Bombus, Evocation, Grand Supreme Blood Court, Krypts, and maybe more soon. I've realised that maybe adding Wikipedia links for bands may be a bit pointless so I may cut down on doing it.

Currently I'm writing brutal death metal, deathcore, black metal, hardcore punk/metalcore, melodic death metal and old style death metal lyrics which I hope to turn into a full musical project, though I currently I am the only member and may need more musicians to help me in future. I've written at least 30 sets of lyrics but I won't publish them here as I don't want anyone stealing them. I go by a lot of aliases but if you want to see all of them then check my Wikipedia user page here:

Or if you can't be bothered to do that then my aliases are:

Lucivras Jacobvras, Mia Dragon, Spyro Draco, Savage Wolf, HellFire Dragon, Volteer Lightning, Ignitus Blaze, Cyril Storm, Terrador Earth, Diamond NightFury, Draco Inferno, Jacob Dragon Whatley, Jacob Hellflames, Gracksath Soul'Crusher DarkFang, Aeryx Ice'Breaker Vala, Sha'kren Karnath, Axroth Byrne, Diamond Steel Dialga.

My long name for HellFire Dragon is HellFire Draco Inferno Blazing Flare Dragon. I think that explains why I haven't used my full name here.

If I find anyone plagiarizing my aliases and using them to create accounts on here or any other site to cause trouble I will NOT be impressed and don't think I won't report you if you do that.

Most of my names should be pretty self explanatory seeing as most of them are dragon profiles/names. And yeah if you look hard enough on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus you MAY find my profiles although don't expect to find all of them as Facebook has this stupid policy of disabling people's accounts just because they don't want to use their real names.

My Facebook account for this profile is here (but don't expect it to last very long as accounts of mine get disabled sometimes):

Names of my projects are:

- Our Last Hope/Deeds of Scorn - (deathcore)
- Past Malice/Indecision - (metalcore)
- Torn Flesh/Morbid Disfigurement - (brutal death metal)
- Perish in Darkness - (black metal)
- Draconian Anger/Draconic Fury/Dragon Fury/Dragonfire - (melodic death metal)
- Skeletal Decay - (death metal)
- Scorched Iron Fist/No Foundation - (thrash metal)
- Dissident - (hardcore punk)

Also look for my alternate account on here under the name Jacob Hellflames (this is not for sockpuppetry or breaking any rules I promise the admins that. It is PURELY for the purpose of submitting my metal musical projects once I have written and recorded my own material, and not much else.)
DomDomMCMG, Hells_Unicorn, Evil_Wicked_Twisted_Mind, BlackenedZeroth, Stormrider