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The band which I am tied with from my early childhood is Ozzy's solo career. If I wanted one musician to be alive today that would be Rhandy Rhoads, definately.
Others bands I really adore - meaning I listen to all of their songs passionately - are Testament, Megadeth and Iced Earth.
Of course, as any other metalhead I enjoy an extremely huge number of bands. Music is a big part of my life for sure and metal is a big part of the music I listen to.

As for my reviews' ratings here's a list to get an idea :

100: Nothing more left to said. Perfection.

90-99: Classic - Incredibly loved but lacks the spice of magic it needs to reach perfection. Almost Perfect.

80-89: Had a great time listening to it and probably will never be tired of it. Great.

70-79: I got stuck with it for a long time but I recovered sometime. It should be in my collection. Nice.

60-69: Nothing really special, but it has some very good pieces in it. Average.

50-59: The advantages here are giving a great battle with the disadvantages. Pure mediocrity.

40-49: The disadvantages won the great battle by far. It might have one or two nice songs thought. Not Good.

30-39: Nothing worthy to mention, only vices. Shouldn't even bother with it. Unworthy and bad.

20-29: Needs strenght and courage to manage and listen to this whole album. A waste of time.

10-19: You cannot listen to this whole album. It's aweful.

0-9: If you happen to see it in a music store, BURN it. I hope such albums do not exist in Metal. A pure blasphemy for our genre.

Probably, you won't see any album rated under 50% though, because I do not buy shitty albums...!