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Edward_The_Great's profile

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Full name:
Jordan Hand 
British Virgin Islands 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Almost all of them 

A lover of music, anime, movies, and games.

A lot of my classic heavy metal reviews are and probably always will be pretty lengthy, and describe each song on the album. You should only read these track-by-track parts if interested, as most people would probably prefer to only read my album summary paragraph that I usually place near the end of such reviews.

Please note my collection is only the music that I actually own. I have far more music on my computer. Likewise, my wanted list is made up of items that I want in physical form; not MP3's.

Grading scale:
100-90: One of the greatest releases of all time.
89-80: Excellent; a must-hear.
79-70: Very good, definitely worth checking out.
69-60: Good and worth exploring, but not great.
59-50: Average.
49-40: Pretty bad.
39-30: Laughingly bad.
29-0: Terrible/painful etc.

My favorite bands:

Anime stuff:

Movie stuff:

Game stuff:

Other random charts:

Top five metal vocalists:

Iron Maiden: Bruce Dickinson
Iced Earth: Matt Barlow
Grave Digger: Chris Boltendahl
GWAR: Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie)
Bal-Sagoth: Lord Byron

Top five metal drummers:

Dream Theater: Mike Portnoy
Bal-Sagoth: Johnny Maudling
Immortal: Horgh
Death/Iced Earth: Richard Christy
Iron Maiden: Nicko McBrain

Top five metal guitarists:

Iron Maiden: Adrian Smith
Iron Maiden: Dave Murray
Blut aus Nord: Vindsval
Grave Digger: Uwe Lulis
King Diamond: Andy LaRocque

Top five metal Bassists:

Iron Maiden: Steve Harris
GWAR: Beefcake the Mighty (Mike Bishop)
Megadeth: David Ellefson
Grave Digger/Running Wild: Jens Becker
Manowar: Joey DeMaio