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Derigin's profile

Metal God 
Email address:
Favourite metal genre(s):
Black, Death, Folk, Thrash 

Resident of Ottawa, Ontario. Born and raised in British Columbia.

On Metal Archives, I am one of its administrators. My work here tends to involve plenty of policy and decision-making, as well as the giving of advice and help to folks who need it. For that reason if you need clarification on anything about the site, feel free to ask me. You can PM me on the forums, email me, or contact me through the site's chatroom.

I enjoy an assortment of music. Among genres of metal, I am most experienced with black metal, folk/viking/pagan metal, thrash metal and death metal. I am least experienced with stoner metal, grindcore and post-metal.

If you are an artist wanting an album reviewed, or updates made to your page on the site, I have no problem doing that for you. I thoroughly enjoy chatting with and meeting with folks in the metal scene.

Review Rating System:
All reviews are rated on a 5% increment scale.

When reviewing an album, I tend to look for the five Ws:
-- Who is behind this work? Do they show skill in their intentions?
-- What is the nature of the album? Does it have substance?
-- When does it take place in the band's career? How might that be relevant?
-- Where does this album fit in its chosen style? Is it a quality piece of work?
-- Why does the album succeed or fail at conveying its purpose?
-- How does the album hold up? Is it a worthwhile listen? A worthwhile purchase?

To what extent an album positively or negatively reflects on those questions impacts how I rate the album; more negative, a lower rating; more positive, a higher rating.

Current Personal Projects (as of March 2015):
-- Draft new, detailed site guidelines. Priority #1.
-- Update and Review "Viking Metal" bands.
-- Update and Review "Black Metal" bands from Finland.
-- Update and Review "Pagan" bands.
-- Update Bathory with its albums' many versions.
-- Go through labels, correct their pages + catalogs.
-- Find patches; work on kutte vest.