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Delta_Wing's profile

Full name:
United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Death / Black / Thrash / Doom 

Grew up in Germany during the golden age of thrash, then dived head first into the growing death metal scene. Moved to the US and things slowed down a bit due to my location at the time. In the last 12 years or so I have gotten back into the underground heavily.

Favorite genres are OSDM and thrash from all corners of the world.

I listen to primarily metal, but also some older hardcore Punk (DI, Misfits, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Youth of Today, etc...).
Everything in my collection is in physical format except where noted.

I tried getting into collecting MP3 / FLAC format for a short while in the mid 2000's and realized it was pretty much crap immediately. I never looked back.

I currently have about 500 metal cassette in storage, which are not cataloged into my collection here.

Metal albums I own but cannot list here:

Morbid Angel - Evil Spells (Bootleg Splatter LP)

Sadistic Intent - Impending Doom...Before The Conflict (Bootleg CD)

Slayer - Aggressive Perfector (Bootleg CD)

Slayer - Still Reigning (Bootleg - Red Vinyl)

V/A Just the Beginning (SPV /Nuclear Blast CD)

V/A Just the Beginning II (Nuclear Blast / Relapse CD)

V/A In Memory of... Celtic Frost (Dwell Records CD)

V/A Rock Hard Presents Monster's of Death (R/C Records CD)

V/A Seven Gates of Horror - A Tribute to Possessed (Candlelight CD)