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Brainded Binky's profile

United States 
Favourite metal genre(s):

Welcome to Brainded Binky's page!

You can view my personal blog here

I am a bit of an artist too, so you can view some of my artwork here

I'm an aspiring guitar player and I've even written my own riffs and lyrics. I don't have a band formed yet, but I hope to have one soon.

Here's my rating scale for albums:

100-90%- Excellent stuff. Virtually little to no flaws with the music whatsoever. Truly a must have for all metal collectors. Any questions?

89-79%- Great stuff. I really would recommend it, although the music may have some problems here and there.

78-69%- Good stuff The music is somewhat flawed, but it's still good to some extent. I PROBABLY would recommend it, just PROBABLY.

68-59%- Fairly good stuff. There are TONS of problems with the music, so much so that it's not really worth recommending. There still might be some strong points, but not enough to be worth searching for.

58-49%- Fair. This is the stuff that totally isn't worth searching for. There are very few good things to say about it.

48-39%- Weak. Little to no good things about the album in question.

38-29%- Totally weak. I most likely would not recommend it.

28-19%- Extremely weak. I would definitely not recommend it.

18-0%- The album is nothing but a total piece of dog dung. Please do not waste your time looking for or listening to it.