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Azriel the Goth's profile

Full name:
Balthazar (aka. Azriel) 
Favourite metal genre(s):
Unblack,DSBM,Goth Music,Punk 

I'm Goth since the ending of 2009 (between september, october or november I'm not really sure actually) I really love Goth Music but I also enjoy Metal, my favorite Metal subgenres are: Post-Black Metal, Depressive Black Metal, Epic Black Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Industrial Metal, sometimes some Death Metal, Doom Metal, and very, very few times Symphonic Metal or "Goth" Metal.

Talking about Goth Music genres which I like, there are: Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Darkwave, Post-Punk, Coldwave, Neoclassical Darkwave. Also another ones which sometimes are considered as Goth Music by a few like: Psychobilly, Horror Punk and a few of Dark Cabaret.

"Gothic" Metal is not considered by many of us (specially Trad/Old School Goths) as Gothic Music, check out bands like The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Bauhaus, etc.. and compare them with what people think is "Goth Music", examples: Marilyn Manson, Within Temptation or Evanescence.

I won't deny that I like some Goth Metal bands like Lacrimosa, Tears of the Nightflower, Dark Princess, For My Pain... and Entwine but those are actually the few ones I like.

I also enjoy Punk Music: Punk Rock, Hardcore Punk, Crust Punk, Grindcore and Opera singers like: Montserrat Caballé, Luciano Pavarotti, Jonathan Antoine, Charlotte Jaconelli, Paul Potts among others.

I'm also Deist, that means I believe in God but I'm not part of any religion, I'm totally against any kind of discrimination (Racism, Homophobia, Xenophobia, etc.)

I'm actually studying Sound Engineering to dedicate my life to what I love: Music.
One of teachers is Daniel Aguilera, guitar player of Aggressive 6.66.

My favorite bands in general are:

- Voices of Masada
- Red Sun Revival
- Garden of Delight
- Merciful Nuns
- The Sisters of Mercy
- Joy Division
- Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble of Shadows
- Another Tale
- Кино
- Happy Days
- Lifelover
- Crimson Moonlight
- Amesoeurs
- Les Discrets
- Arctic Plateau
- Grave Robber
- Rose Inferni
- Alcest
- Passion Play
- Screaming for Emily
- The Mission
- Babymetal
- Bauhaus
- Christian Death
- O. Children
- Doom
- Caladan Brood
- Dead Can Dance
- Dark Princess
- Old Silver Key
- Queen
- Ea
- Suffocated by Misery
- Ahab
- Ghoul
- Cytotoxin
- Broken Flesh
- Silence of the Old Man
- Uaral
- Ghoul Squad
- Hilastherion
- Grey Waters
- In Lacrimaes et Dolor
- Última Dança
- Skepticism
- Austere
- Carach Angren
- Sangre de Muerdago
- No Pleasure in Life
- Ramones
- The Casualties
- Summoning
- Germ
- Дрём
- Kanashimi
- Thy Light
- ... (dotdotdot)
- I'm in a Coffin
- Dopamine
- Sun Devoured Earth
- Misfits
- Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space
- Multinational Corporations
- Los Mox!
- All About Eve
- Dreadful Shadows
- Thrill of the Pull
- Nödutgång:Självmord
- Hypokondri
- R. Nikolaenko
- Svartnad