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Metal newbie 
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South Africa 
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NB: Lately, I've been making levels for DooM 2. It's going to a full 32 level mapset, every map will be named after a metal song, zine, album, or band, as well as being thematically fitting of whatever I

For more information and screenshots, go over here.

Or contact Adrian Hanekom at if you want more information.


I feel cheated that I was born in South Africa, and that I was only 3 years old when death metal was starting out.

I hate slam wiggers, I hate retro thrash kids that dont like death metal, I hate mallcore kids, I hate rap (most talentless genre ever), I hate modern rock(most overrated and most self endulgent genre ever), I hate goths that think pseudo "intellectual" "metal" is better than proper old school death metal, and I hate jocks...... The rest of you are cool though.

I dont download, I buy my metal. Fuck reviewers that download death metal albums and then make shitty reviews about them. Your a bunch fucking posers, first off, you STOLE THE ALBUM, and secondly you damage the band even further by making potential customers not want to buy the album, and thirdly your reviews mostly prove to be inaccurate because you turn out to be some gay goth boy who thinks he can get underground points by downloading albums. FUCK OFF AND DIE POSER SCUM!!!

Nowadays every review I write goes towards print zines.


I love REAL death metal.

With regards to my reviews, I only review albums that I'd recommend, or that I hate enough to write a scathing review. My scores are guarenteed to be inconsistant. I'll always be a metal fanboy at heart, with each day my metal passion grows! Some of my early reviews may seem pretty naive but who cares!!


Here are the top sites for getting metal merch from, I've had nothing but great service from them (listed in no particular order):

Hell's Headbangers -
Blood Harvest -


I've taken Razorback Records off the recommended list because the last few orders I've gotten were piss poor, albums came in fucked, I paid for 19 albums and only recieved 18. And to this very day after contacting Billy 10 months ago, I have still never recieved that missing cd. The customer service is also piss poor, they agree to hold cds for you for a set period, and after the period has passed everything is out of stock. I don't pay money to have someone fuck the order up. I don't give a shit who you are.



NEW RENAISSANCE RECORDS fucked me for $100... I sent them countless emails since March asking where my cds were, but they didn't respond even once. It is now August and I still haven't recieved a SINGLE response.

And the funny thing is that I'm not the only one that got screwed over... I should have read this thread before I ordered.

Don't support rip offs!

The recommended review list
Drowned, alot of his reviews led me to some really awesome gems. MEGASLAUGHTER!!!!!!

The poser list
Noktorn. You write a glowing review of Abigail Williams and then you expect us to take your gay death metal bashing reviews seriously?? Fuck off.


corviderrant. Sorry to add you here, but every SINGLE FUCKING REVIEW YOU'VE WRITTEN SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!! You've been listening to metal for "20" years but you listen to the same shit that a fucking thirteen year old GIRL listens to! How can BLOOD FEAST "have no balls" yet Cradle of Shit is oh so "awesome"?? Your the one that has no balls. Poser!